Thursday, March 3, 2011

February Firsts and Favorites

 Love these boys.

If you're like me, you look at blogs in Google Reader and don't often go to the actual blog where someone has posted. (I actually found out about a sweet gadget in Reader called "Next" that eliminates this problem...but that's another story.) Anyway, I decided to post some of my favorite Reedisms and Asher firsts from Reed's Corner and Asher's Space so you can get all the goodness of these two pages without having to visit the blog. Call me philanthropic.

Rice cereal experience (2/19/11) Asher liked the rice cereal, but had a hard time keeping it in his mouth. I think he got more rice cereal from sucking on his hands and his bib than from the spoon!

Brings toys/hands/everything to his mouth to "eat"
(week of 2/7/11) Asher is generally found sucking on something these days. His favorites are his hands and his blankets.

Rolls over (tummy to back)
(2/3/11) We were trying to take a few pictures of Smash on his changing table in a cute hat. He happened to be on his tummy when all of a sudden he rolled right over! Good thing I was quick to catch him. I rolled him back over--and he did it again! I rolled him back over again, and he rolled a third time! After that I decided we shouldn't press my catching skills, so I commenced taking pictures of him on his back.

Reed said, "Thank you Daddy" as Ryan walked out the door. Then he turned to me and said, "Mommy, I say 'thank you daddy' and he not say 'you welcome'!!" (2/28/11)
I went to get Reed out of his bed yesterday morning and found him standing up on his bed and holding his lamb against the wall. Reed: "Mommy, I need my mystery mouseketool." Think we've been watching a little too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? (2/27/11)
While I was putting Reed's church shoes on him this morning, Asher started fussing. Reed said, "It okay baby Asher, we go to church...of Jesus Christ...of St. George. Don't be sad." Pretty close--just take out "St. George" and add "Latter-day Saints." I love him :) (2/20/11)

Reed was eating ham for lunch. He held up a bite and asked, "Mommy, is this rabbit?" (It really did look like a rabbit.) Then he asked, "Mommy want to pet him? He nice." (2/3/11)


I asked Reed to go throw something away for me and he replied, "Mommy, can't do it. I not nice." (2/2/11)


Reed has an Elmo see n' say. One of the sections is a phone, and when the pointer lands on it, it rings. This morning, it rang, Reed put it up to his ear and said, " Hello? Hello? Can you answer me?" (2/1/11)

I just told Reed I was going to do my yoga. He responded, "Don't want mommy do yogurt!" (2/1/11)

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Mandi said...

Haha I love reading these. So cute. I especially love to read the Reedisms because I can hear him saying them in his cute little Reed voice!