Saturday, March 26, 2011

I never would have guessed that prunes & apples could be so exciting...

On Wednesday (3/23/11), Asher got his first taste of more flavorful foods (as in more flavorful than oatmeal or formula). We decided to try prunes and apples mixed with oatmeal. Prunes might seem an odd choice, but poor Asher has kind of a sensitive tummy and needed a little help, if you know what I mean.

 Asher was super pumped on the prunes. Sadly, we didn't catch his giant smile on camera. But know he loved it.
 That's good stuff right there.

He loved it so much that he had to help out with the spoon--I just couldn't shovel it in fast enough. He ate all the oatmeal with prunes, and looked like he'd been bathed in it by the time he finished. (I don't remember Reed being so messy?)

See Reed? With the spoon in his mouth? He is also eating prunes. He asked me all day long if he could try the prunes, so I decided to let him--I figured he wouldn't like them and we would be done with it. But Reed also LOVED the prunes. Asher ate half the container and Reed finished the rest for him. Our baby food bill could get quite expensive if Reed thinks he needs to eat baby food, too!


Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

lol - who would've thought Reed would love prunes? Oh, and I love, love, love the picture of Asher and Ryan in your last post.

Megan said...

So cute! Prunes are one of the easiest make at home baby food items. I just soak some prunes in water overnight and then just puree them up and they make perfect baby food. I also do that with applesauce. Just get the kind without sugar and puree it smooth. Saves a ton of money. Carrots, peas, and sweet potatoes are super easy too. Your boys are getting so big and are just adorable! Miss you!