Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Look at this big boy...

In his big boy underwear!
(Or "big boys," as he likes to call them)

This is the face Reed makes when you tell him to smile and he doesn't want to. Nice, right?

I tried to potty train a few months ago with no success--Reed just flipped a lid every time I tried to put him on the potty and he had about 10 accidents the first day. I decided to give it another go because Reed has been super interested in big boy underwear lately, and, luckily, this time we had success! I read The Ultimate Guide to Potty Training for Boys and Girls (click here to see it on Amazon)--mainly because I could get it for $3 on my Kindle--and found it quite helpful.

(I realize you probably don't care to have so many details about our potty training. But I care, and I want to remember, so here you go.) Here is how our week went:
Day One: March 16, 2011
Pee Accidents: 3. One was during his nap and one was just a little bit of pee--and he told me he had to go potty right after it happened.
Poop Accidents: 1. Gross.
Successes: 7! 4 were successes before the potty timer was up when he told me he had to go potty. 1 of those 4 was when he was in bed in a diaper for the night! 1 (the sixth) came during dinner time...he let out one little drop of pee at the table, realized he had to go, told me he had to go, and held his pee until we got to the potty!

Day 2:March 17, 2011
Pee Accidents: 2.5...the first 2 pees of the day. He started freaking out about the potty again and wouldn't pee.
Successes:12.5 (one time we were playing upstairs and he started peeing on the way down...then he held it until we got to the potty) One tiny poop in the potty today! Reed wanted to cuddle his big boy underwear at naptime because I put him in a diaper. He started calling his underwear his "Big Boys." We even made it to grandma's and the store and came home dry!

Day 3: March 18, 2011
Pee Accidents: 1 (the first one of the day)
Successes: Lost track! One giant poop in the potty today--he did it himself while I was feeding Asher! Woke up dry after his nap.
A few favorite Reed quotes from the day: "It's not coming out. It's being goofy."
"My pee is at his house."
"I don't have any pee-pee mommy."
"Can I go potty mommy?" (Do you need to ask??)

Day 4: March 19, 2011

Since then, we've had an accident or two, but overall he's doing great. He is really good about telling me when he has to go. We are so proud of our big boy! (And I am so glad to only have one in diapers!)


Chris and Mary said...

Go Reed! Thanks for posting this Meg, and for the book recommendation. I want to get Lizzie fully potty trained because I too want only one in diapers! I'm loving those "big boys" :)

Our Family Est. 2005 said...

Whoo Hoo! Way to go Reed!

redstarmama said...

Go Reed!!! And go Megan!!! He looks so cute in his big boys!
I'm looking forward to reaching that milestone for the last time!

Christy said...

WooHoo! I like the details. One day I will go through and remember accidents happen and won't feel so bad. :) Thanks for the book recommendation.

Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

oh my gosh, that's awesome! Yay for Reed (and you!)

Mandi said...

Go Reed! His success rate is sounding so great. :)