Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Monthly Reed: 27

Grandma Hambly gave the boys these cute outfits a few months ago. Asher finally fits into his, and I can't get enough of these coordinating brothers!

Reed can "spell" "Reed Hambly": R-e-d-d H-m-b-l-y. One day he heard me spell "Hambly" and started chanting "H-m-b-l-y!" I then tried to teach him "Reed." He's pretty close.

Reed has been able to open doors with handles you pull down for quite a while. But our house now has the handles that you turn (the ones that look like balls) and he figured out how to open those just this last week. Now he LOVES opening and closing doors.

 Every time I take a picture of Asher, Reed has to join in the fun. This shot is from Asher's four month shot. Reed: "This my lambie, mommy."

Reed loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.He especially loves the "hot dog" dance. Ryan cut several circles out of cardboard as a stencil when he was making his drum mutes. Reed convinced us to keep the circles and now loves to assign each of us a circle and do the hot dog dance on top of them. Also pictured in this shot is his necklace--one of my old ones that he is in love with and wears daily.

For FHE one night we talked about obedience and made this little popsicle stick dolls. We then played a little game. I would say, "Put away your clothes please," then Ryan and Reed would say, "I will obey" and have their little stick puppets do whatever I had asked. Since then, Reed will say, "Let's do a lesson!" run to get his puppet, and wait for me to give him instructions.

Reed has three smiles: his regular smile, his cheesy smile, and a mix of the two. This picture shows the mix smile.

Buddy loves to play with stickers lately. Luckily, he usually only sticks them on paper :)

Lately, Reed loves to come with me when I go to get Asher out of his crib. He says, "I want to go in Asher's crib and say hi to him!!" He then proceeds to lay be Asher, kiss Asher, and read books to Asher.

Reed has a great memory. He can recite entire books if prompted a bit here and there. The book he is best at reciting is Little Green.

He also thinks it's a trick to sit on the side of the crib.

Reed is a great helper with chores. He's always loved to clean, but lately he's taken it to a new level. He often tells me, "Mommy, you need to put this in the dishwasher." He also likes to take his dishes to the sink and throw them in.

Another example of Reed jumping into an Asher photo shoot. This picture was taken in attempt to get a "head shot."

Whenever I say I'm going anywhere (e.g. "I'm going to the bathroom" or "I have to run out to the car") Reed says, "Oh, I'll come Mommy." What's even better, though, is the tone he uses--he says it as if I've been searching for someone to come with me and he will grace me with his company. It's great.
Reed thinks it's really funny to hold baby Asher.

Reed has always loved to be sung to, but recently he's started singing, too. He knows all or most of the words to a lot of songs. A few of his favorites are "I am a Child of God" "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," The ABCs, and "The Grand Ol' Duke of York."
Lately, Reed has been putting things between his legs (like the shoe horn above or Ryan's drum sticks) and saying, "I have a yee-haw horsie!" or "I'm taking a ride."

Reed has started tickling us back. He loves to tickle Daddy's face. The best part is that he's actually softly scratching Ryan's face and Ryan is just pretending it tickles.

We found a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse watch at the dollar store and decided to get it for Reed (in his hand above). When Ryan handed the watch the Reed, Reed said, "We buy this?!" He was so excited and loves to wear his watch. Additionally, Reed loves to walk around in my shoes. He's pretty balanced in heels.
Reed loves to build. Lately, he likes to build towers out of books. This tower was one of our taller buildings.

We have entered the "terrible" phase of being two. Reed is generally a really good little boy, but sometimes, when he doesn't get his way, he either yells at us, starts scratching his own face (weird), or collapses on the floor.
Meet Reed's new friend, Big Elmo. The first thing Reed did when we gave Elmo to him was to squeeze Elmo's hand and ask, "He sing?" (We have a small Elmo that sings the ABCs when you squeeze his hand.) He then carried Elmo around the rest of the day, asking Elmo frequently if he was cozy then giving Elmo kisses.

 Reed loves to play with Baby Asher. The first thing he asks every morning is, "Baby Asher woke up? He want to play with me?"

Reed said, "Mommy, I have a bucket hat!" I turned around, and he really did have a bucket hat.

When Reed really wants something and we say no, he goes off on these rambling explanations of why he should have whatever it is he's asked for. An example:
Reed: "Mommy, I want to sleep in you bed."
Me: "Not today, Reed. You're going to sleep in your bed."
Reed: "But Mommy remember how you bed is all cozy and has guys and pillows and guitar blankies and little pillow just my size and guys and it's all cozy..." 
He keeps going until you stop him. It's really funny.


kayla said...

Reed is the cutest! This post made me literally laugh out loud a few times though. The 8th picture up where Asher looks absolutley terrified is kind of hilarious, and so is Reed asking Elmo if he is cozy. Haha.

Mandi said...

Cute cute boy! I love to read the monthly Reed. So fun! It's cute that he loves to be in every picture. And it's so super cute that he loves Asher so much. I love the guitar shirt picture. Oh and I love Reed holding the giant Elmo.

Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

I absolutely love reading your stories about Reed. He's such a funny kid.