Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Monthly Reed: 28

Checking out the sprouts in our basil plant. (I'm really surprised it's growing--it was a kit from the dollar store!)

Reed is so interested in everything around him. His favorite question is "How it works?" He asks how everything works--from screws to towels to oranges.

 Big helper in the kitchen.

No matter what I'm doing in the kitchen--even if it's a simple task like pouring a bowl of cereal--Reed says, "Mommy, I need a chair!" and likes to come supervise.

 Do you like his sweet sweatband? He does.

Reed loves to be in charge of playtime. In particular he likes to decide where we play: in the "haka ma paka" (his room), in the "hiki ma beaky" (Asher's room), in "Mommy's boy bed," or downstairs. He came up with those names--not sure how. And I don't know why downstairs doesn't have a cool name.

 Oh, Reed.

Reed has been doing so well on the potty. He occasionally has an accident, but those accidents only usually happen if he's really wrapped up in what he's doing and I forget to ask him about the potty. Other than that, he's really good about telling me when he has to go. One weird thing (and a little TMI): if he has to poop and pee, he likes to dump the pee out of his potty before he poops. He really doesn't like pooping on top of his pee. Odd.

 Showing off his crafts. He has mad painting skills.

Reed loves "projects." Painting is one of his favorites. He also likes to sit on my lap when I sew and pull out pins and push the backstitch lever.
 He loves to do this balancing act on the bumbo. It's kind of impressive to me.

 Reed loves to sing. As a result, he really loves nursery and story time at the library. He finally (sometimes) will even sit on the floor by the kids at story time rather than on my lap. The other day he sang all the words to "Rock-a-bye Baby" and I have no idea where he learned it!

Our big jumper.

Since learning how to jump, Reed has been jumping non-stop. (By the way, sorry that most of these pictures are underwear only. He tells me all day, "I just want to be bare naked, Mommy." We compromise by putting underwear on. And I do make him wear clothing if we go out :)

 Chillin in his quilt frame fort.

Reed also loves to jump on the bed. His favorite thing to do is a seat-drop (where you land on your bum, you know?).

 A super cheese to show off his new apron.

 Reed really likes to accessorize. His favorites are his Mickey watch, an old necklace of mine, his sunglasses, and a few livestrong-esque bands we have.

 Looking dapper in his spring suit!

 Reed is Asher's little second daddy. He often comforts Asher in the car or at home, saying things like, "It's okay sweetheart. Mommy's getting your bottle" or "It's okay Asher sweetie. We'll be at Grandma's soon." If Asher is crying, Reed will either tell me what he thinks Asher needs (i.e. a bottle or a diaper change) or say, "Oh Mommy, he wants to cuggle (cuddle) with me."

 Just doing a little downward dog.

 Reed LOVES the movies Monsters, Inc.; all the Toy Story movies; and the TV show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
 Starting Sun Salutation A.

Reed is obsessed with Ryan's drums. Every time I open the door to the garage, he runs into it and says, "Oh, I'll play the drums!"

 Hanging out with Asher.

 Reed loves you. (Lucky day: Grandma H. gave Reed the shirt Asher is wearing when Reed was a few months old. We recently got the shirt Reed is wearing as a hand-me-down from cousins. The shirts are totally from the same line at Children's Place. Score!)


We love our big boy!


Kim said...

Do you do kids yoga with him?! we have a cd of kids yoga, though I know nothing about yoga myself. It is Hallie's FAVORITE. He is sure a cutie. I love that he calls Asher "sweetie." haha!

Mandi said...

I feel the need to comment on everything that you have said about that adorable nephew of mine! So instead of boring you in that way all I will say is that kid is stinkin hilarious! I think I would be laughing all day long if I lived with you! :)

Megan said...

Kim, Reed actually just copies me. I didn't know they had kids yoga--I bet he would love it!