Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Special Saturdays: The Return!

In an effort to be more spontaneous last summer, we came up with "Special Saturdays." It's been a while since our Saturdays have been anything to write home about (not that they're bad, just not too exciting!), but this last Saturday we did something "special." First, Ryan and Reed built a "clubhouse" by putting all the couch pillows and cushions on the bed. It was awesome. They then commenced throwing Reed into the clubhouse:

Yeah, it makes me a little nervous.

But just look how much fun he's having!

Reed also launched himself into the pile of pillows.

Then he got the ball and played catch. Reed also requested that Ryan throw the ball at him--yeah like at Reed's body while he jumped--awesome.

Then they went for a rousing round of American Gladiator. Can you guess who came out on top?

Oh, Cheeseball Reed:

Here is a movie of the fun:

(Reed gets a little grumpy halfway through the movie--I think Ryan wore him out!)

Asher napped through the clubhouse fun, but woke up and showed off his new skill of holding his own bottle:

After the Smash ate, we packed our car up and headed to Children's Place and Gymboree (Reed LOVES to shop), then went to Wendy's (a double stack is only 7 WW points!). We smuggled our Wendy's food into the $2 theater, and devoured it while we saw Tangled. Tangled was Reed's very first movie at a movie theater. He did pretty well--he only got antsy during the last 20 minutes or so. Asher was an angel and slept through the majority of the movie. Even when he was awake, he was happy. And Tangled was such a cute movie--I loved it!

After naps for the boys, Reed helped me sew (we made an apron for him--pictures to come!). We wrapped up the day with dinner and a bath.

It was a fabulous return of Special Saturdays!


Mandi said...

That boy caught some serious air! Looks like he had fun! Special Satrudays sounds like lots of fun. And Asher looks as cute as ever, ofcourse.

Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

It sounds like it was all so much fun! I love the idea of special saturdays - we may have to borrow that one