Saturday, April 16, 2011

Colo-RAD-o, al fin (and the crafting blitz continues!)

As mentioned before, we ended Wednesday night with a little Skype chat with Dad. Asher basically looked freaked out the entire time, but Reed really enjoyed it, as did I.

On Thursday morning, Asher woke up at 5:15 and would not be consoled. Finally, I gave in and fed him. When he finally gave in to sleep at 6:15, Reed woke up. So I was quite tired to start the day. When Asher woke up for real (at a decent hour), I realized why he was so crazy in the wee hours of the morning:
The tooth? The one I thought he was cutting two months ago? It finally started to break through. Poor baby. (By the way, if you're questioning my orange thumbnail, know that I had peeled an orange for Reed--and washed my hands--and the orange dyed my skin/nail orange. Sweet.)

After all three boys were awake and fed, we went to the mall so we could see the Easter Bunny. Mr. Bunny must not have realized we were coming to visit, though, because he was not there, and wouldn't be for another hour. So we decided to play in the mall play area instead.

Asher enjoyed hanging out in this raft.

Cole quite enjoyed it, too.

As did Reed. I think Reed liked it because Lynnie and I were right be the raft, so no other kids tried to "steal" it from him. Timid Reed got a lot of other toys in the play area taken away from him.

These boys had so much fun together.

After the mall, we had a golden hour where all three boys were sleeping. I know, amazing. So Lynnie and I finished our crafts.
We got the original idea for these decorations at Make it and Love it (here). The original decoration only had the big Easter egg, but Lynnie and I decided we wanted to add a little something extra. So Lynnie, crafty genius that she is, made a sweet little chick out of a baby food jar lid (picture on the right). I totally copied her idea and made a little bunny (on the case you couldn't tell, haha). I love how they turned out! My mom donated the fabric, we already had the baby food jar lids (shocker) and the raffia/wiggle eyes, and we got the frames at the dollar store--so the total cost was $1!

My sweet mom sent fabric with me out of her fabric stock to make the Easter eggs--seriously, she has an entire wall of fabric--and she wanted Lynnie to have "options" since Lynnie wasn't there to chose her own fabric. So she sent me with a gigantic bag of fabric. Lynnie and I couldn't let all that fabric go unused, so we found another project: a scrap fabric wreath. (Tutorial here.)
 Doesn't it look so cheerful and springy on my door? (Ryan, I think, also looks cheerful and springy.)

And the best part? We got the wreath form at the dollar store, so this project also cost only $1!

We had more fun playing with the boys later, and again bathed the boys together to end the night. Lynnie and Nick and I spent the night relaxing and watching TV. 

The boys and I left the next morning at 7:30 a.m. (they travel best in the morning). I almost got a speeding ticket, but got off on a warning from the nicest cop in America. I spent the rest of the drive paranoid, though, and set my cruise control right at 75 (okay, 76). 

Thanks so much for the fun trip, Nick and Lynnie! We had a great time and can't wait for next year, because this definitely needs to be a tradition.


Mandi said...

I am absolutely in love with your cute crafts! You girls are so stinkin creative! Looks like you had fun making lots of fun crafting and playing with your stinkin cute boys!!!

Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

I am so sorry about the ticket! Ugh, police make me so so nervous. I'm glad he let you off -that would have been a totally lame way to end such a fun week.

L. Bryce said...

Your family is ADORABLE!