Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ColoRADo, days 3-4 (aka more pictures for Ryan!)

Day 3 was declared a "chill day." Lynnie blogged about it here. It's kind of hard to coordinate three nap schedules--especially because Asher takes 3 naps, Cole takes 2, and Reed takes 1. Generally, we have one boy sleeping. The day also started out overcast and chilly, and all three boys are sick-ish, so we thought it would best be spent inside.
Cole was a big helper and gave Asher a bottle.

 Lynnie and I got started on our crafts (the blitz continues!), and the boys thoroughly enjoed rolling around in--and eating--the fabric.

 The littlest ones rolled around together on the floor.

Reed played "1,2,3," about 100,000 times. (Someone throws him high in the air and he lands in the love sack.) 

 Reed decided this chapstick made a good camera. Here, he is taking a picture.

 Once it warmed up a little, we went outside (the boys were getting a little stir crazy!)

Reed helped wash all the salt and nastiness that had accumlated on the car during our drive.

 The little boys enjoying the bouncer/saucer/toy of awesomeness.

Day 4: More craft action! We also had fun playing at the park and in the yard.

 Reed has rekindled his love of playing in the sink. He's been having a lot of fun making giant water messes while I feed Asher oatmeal and carrots.

He got pretty good at filling the bottle--by the end, he didn't even spill much!

After dinner, we had a Skype chat with Ryan. After the chat, during bathtime, Reed and I were talking about Ryan and Reed told me that we should drive to Lynnie and Nick's with Daddy sometime so we could show Daddy the "Daddy movie" (i.e. the Skype chat) on Lynnie and Nick's computer.


Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...
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Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

MEggo, I miss you and your boys already. I cried after you left - aren't I pathetic? Not because you left would've been fun to have another day, but I definitely understood your reasons for wanting to get home and would have done the same thing, so please don't feel bad about that. I cried because I loved having you here all the time. I loved talking and crafting and helping each other with the kids. I loved having someone around. It just made me realize how much I miss you and wish we lived closer. It was a fabulous week and if you guys don't move up here, we should definitely make this a tradition.

Mandi said...

Looks like loads of fun! I love that Cole is feeding Asher. So cute!

Megan said...

Lyn, you're such a sweetheart! We miss you guys, too. It was so nice to have a friend, since we both know how great I am at making new ones :) We seriously need to get on this job search so we can be next-door neighbors (when your other ones move out :) And we certainly are making this a tradition, because it was such a great week and I would love to do it again!