Thursday, April 7, 2011

Crafting Blitz

I'm not really sure why, but I generally craft blitzkrieg style. I won't make anything remotely crafty for months, then suddenly crafting energy wells up inside me and I. Must. Craft. This is one of those times. In the past three weeks, I've completed more projects than I did in the last year combined.

Take, for example, this quilt:

Remember when I was nesting with Asher? Way back in October? That's when I appliqued Asher's name onto the jersey. I've been afraid to try sewing the jersey since then; but I finally decided to try it. And guess what? With the help of this tutorial and a little heat and bond, it was not a big deal--at all. And since I still have excess crafting energy, I'm making a matching quilt for Reed. I'm using the same jersey (I got an entire bolt of it at Wal-Mart for $5!) and a different flannel. It's going to be fantastic. Unless it takes me six months to finish, as well.

Next, we have the Reed letters.

Before Reed was born, we covered the letters of his name with fabric that matched his crib set (Remember? Probably not), because it is completely necessary for every baby to have their name in cute letters on their wall. Once Reed moved into his big boy bed, his letters no longer matched his room. I would have just purchased "A, S, H," covered them, and joined them with "E, R" to Make "Asher," but I was out of fabric. So I ripped the fabric off, sanded the letters down, and repainted them.

Then I left my letters on the counter, waiting to be hung in Reed's room, for about three weeks. They chipped. I was so annoyed. But, luckily, my friend Claudia wanted to make letters for her baby--so we joined forces. I made a big "A" covered with scrapbook paper and Mod Podge (seriously, it's a big A), then repainted and Mod Podged my Reed letters. And voila!

Yet another project I started and never finished was this lamp. It's been waiting for a lampshade since August. Now, it has one:

You're surprised there are still more projects, right? I told you, blitzkrieg.

I threw my friend a baby shower a few weeks ago, and decided I must make a lollipop tree topiary (the theme was loosely "She's about to POP"):

And cake pops:

The cake pops, by the way, drove me crazy because they kept falling off the sticks. I was ready to give up when my knight in shining armor (Ryan--hopefully that was the obvious answer) figured out the secret to making them stay on the sticks. I still don't know how he did it.

And, finally, Ryan and I thought it might be fun for Reed to have his own apron because he loves to help in the kitchen. My favorite part of this apron is the fabric:

There you have it! I still have some extra  crafty energy flowing through my veins, so we'll see if I finish any other projects in the near future...


Rachel said...

Dang! You are a crafty maniac! I love the applique on the quilt--that is so cute! And is that robot fabric on Reed's apron? If so, AWESOME. And that lamp is way cool. And is Forrest going to need therapy someday because his name isn't on his wall? Such a bad mom.

Ashley said...

I'm a total blitzkrieg crafter too! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I love the way all your stuff turned out, super cute!!

Christy said...

My kids have letters above their beds too, but I made sure they didn't match their bedding. Mostly though because I'm lazy and used the paper and mod podge I already had. But I remember all of your projects! Even covering Reed's name. Guess I've been reading your stuff for a while! haha. I've got a few crafts I'm seriously itching to do as well, I just don't have the space (give my kitchen table and chairs a makeover).

Megan said...

Rachel, he's definitely going to need therapy. Possibly for years, haha.

Thanks, Ashley!

And Christy, the paper on Asher's letter was totally inspired by your Owen letters--and I should have been as smart as you to not make the Reed letters not match the bedding in the first place! Would have saved me a lot of trouble :)

Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

wow, it's all so cute! I think I'm the same type of crafter as you, and I'm totally in the mood right now. I'm excited to craft together next week.

m.dahl said...

So cute Megan. I need to some crafts. I did just mod podge Soren's name but it didn't turn out as good as Esther's. Not sure why. Anyways, I just want to say that Asher has the cutest smile. Love it!