Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter and Asher's half-birthday

In February, when Ryan and I booked our cruise, we didn't think to check if there were any major holidays on April 24th. Because, really, has Easter even been that late in the month? And are there even any other holidays in April? When we realized that we were, in fact, leaving for our cruise on Easter Sunday, we decided to do Easter a week early--it's not like Reed knows when Easter actually is. Luckily, the Easter Bunny (he's real) complied with our wishes and visited us a little early.

He left a basket for each of the boys, along with a new bath toy to share:

In an attempt to get Reed excited about Easter, I talked up the eggs with candy inside the week before. Saturday night, I asked him what the Easter Bunny was going to bring him--he said, "Eggs with CANDY!"

The Easter Bunny hid some of the eggs a little high, but luckily Ryan was quite willing to help Reed find and grab them.

Asher didn't really care about the eggs, but was quite happy to chug away on his bottle.

At Wal-Mart, I had the choice of a twelve-pack of eggs for $0.97 or 48 for $1.98. I chose 48--and we hid all 48. For one two year old. Luckily, he's good at egg searching.

I was kind of impressed by his two-egg-one-hand grab.

Scary face trying to show off his chocolate.

After finished his bottle, Asher decided that eggs were, perhaps, not so bad.

Practicing sitting up (he's not so great at sitting) and checking out his basket.

 Reed, of course, felt the need to help Asher with the contents of Asher's basket.

Sometimes, Asher is so pumped it's almost a little frightening. But mostly just cute and funny.

A little video of the egg hunt action:
(Just a random side note: I had to upload this video on our old laptop rather than our new computer because our computer doesn't have a firewire port. It took SIX hours. That's dedication.)

After the basket/egg frenzy, we dressed in our Sunday best and headed to church. I'm not sure why Reed didn't feel the need to smile, but at least Asher did.

Post-church, we (mostly Ryan) cooked a fantastic Easter dinner: ham (our first one ever), an onion tart (recipe here), and asparagus, with a salad prepared by my mom. Asher got a front row seat for the cooking action:

We had my parents, my Auntie Sue, my sisters Mandi and Kayla, and my practically sister Tayler over for Easter dinner. After dinner, we all dyed eggs together.

This year we bought "Jumbo" sized eggs. They were pretty sweet and pretty big.

Asher, once again, was preoccupied with his bottle.

My dad, ever the basketball fan, of course created a basketball egg.

My mom surprised us all with Easter gifts. Kay Kay and Tay Tay are showing off their presents:

She got Reed this super cute fabric food set from IKEA. He loves it.

Finally, we celebrated Asher's half-birthday. Grandma and Grandpa gave Asher this cute tummy time mat. Reed opened it since Asher was still eating.

What's a half-birthday without a half half-birthday cake? With half a candle? Exactly. Not cool. Good thing we had one, right?

 And that wrapped up our day!

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Mandi said...

It was a fun day! Thanks guys. Oh and your boys look so adorable in their easter outfits...even if Reed isn't smiling.