Monday, April 4, 2011

March firsts and favorites

Nothing starts the day quite like a little cuddle time with your brother.
In case you missed these gems...
From Reed's Corner:
Reed got a sucker for going the entire day without having an accident. When he was done (but the sucker wasn't gone) Reed asked, "Daddy, we put it in the fridge and save it for lunchie lou?" Ryan explained that we don't really put suckers in the fridge. Reed thought, then asked, "We put on the counter and save it for lunchie lou?" Ryan told Reed we'd probably just throw it away. Reed came up with his final offer, "We put it on the table and save it for lunchie lou?" Ryan decided to let Reed put it on the table. Reed's a good negotiator :) (3/31/11)
At bedtime, Reed gave Ryan a kiss, then said, "That was a sloppy one!!" (3/30/11)
Reed and I wanted to play outside while Asher napped. I took the monitor, but it was out of range, so I said, "Oh man, it's out of range." Reed replied, "Oh Mommy, we should go to the store and get some more." (3/30/11)
Reed saw me getting ready to go running and he said, "Mommy, you have big boy underwear like me!!!" (3/26/11)
Reed's mouth made a funny noise against the side of a cup while he was drinking and he said, "Mommy, my mouth tooted!" (3/25/11)
Reed just put on his sunglasses upside down and said, "Mommy, I'm so stylin'" (3/22/11)
Reed can FINALLY jump!!!!!!!!!! He's been trying for so long and he finally got both feet off the floor at the same time. (3/4/11)
Reed just climbed up on his closed potty and the following conversation commenced:
Reed: Mommy, I Abinadi!
Me: What did Abinadi do?
Reed: He helped Nephi.
...Me: Helped Nephi do what?
Reed: Build the big boat.
(Reed climbs down) Reed: I not Abinadi anymore.
I think he's got a few scripture stories mixed up :) (3/2/11) 
From Asher's Space:
Grabs his own feet (while laying on his back) (3/30/11) I've been waiting for this one, because I think it's super cute!

Rolls from back to tummy (3/29/11)
Smash has been working so hard on getting over to his tummy and he finally did it! Ryan was the first to witness Smash's new trick.

First pureed foods (3/23/11)
Asher tried prunes and apples mixed with oatmeal. The result: awesome.

Rolls from back to side and stays
(3/15/11) Asher is getting SO close to rolling onto his tummy.

Cares about the toys on his exersaucer
(3/7/11) Asher has always loved being in his saucer--he really likes to stand--but today he finally started playing with the toys on his saucer, too. Now the saucer is even more fun.

Makes funny noises on purpose
(3/3/11) Asher has started blowing air out between pursed lips to make a really funny noise. He does it a lot when he has his plug, which makes it sound even more funny.

Reaches for toys while on his tummy (3/2/11) Asher has been reaching for toys for quite a while, but for whatever reason hasn't been interested in reaching for toys while on his tummy. But he finally did it! He reached for and grabbed toys while doing tummy time three separate times today.

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redstarmama said...

They are so cute! Those jammies Asher has on in the photo are were my favorite ones. Both my boys were so snuggly in them!