Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Monthly Asher: 6

6 month stats:
Weight: 14 lbs. 15 oz. (10th percentile)
Length: 26 in. (35th percentile)
Head: 45.3 cm. (90th percentile)
He's just a little guy with a giant head...but the doctor didn't seem too concerned about his weight, so I'm trying not to be, either.

Now that he's discovered the art of grabbing and eating his own feet, grabbing/eating his feet has become his new obsession.

Asher is still wearing 3-6 month clothes, but his onesies and jammies are all getting too short, so I think we'll make the switch to 6 month clothes soon.

Asher likes to talk to himself in the mirror while I get ready.

Asher can balance sitting up for a few minutes at a time, but doesn't really like sitting because it makes him spit up a lot. I guess we need to up the ante on his core workouts so his abs don't have to strain so much to hold his giant head up.

Just playing with a sword. It's what all the cool kids do.

Asher used to hate the car, but now that he has discovered that he can play with the toys in his hands and on his toy bar, he doesn't mind it at all.

Asher can roll both ways and really enjoys rolling around on the floor.
I just found this one kind of funny.

Asher LOVES "solid" food. We've only tried a few things (rice cereal, oatmeal, carrots, prunes with apples, and applesauce), but he has loved it all. He won't, however, eat solids if he's super hungry--then, only the bottle will do.

Asher loves watching Reed's antics. He is so interested in everything Reed does.

See? Obsession.

Asher is super ticklish. His most tickly spot is on his back on his left side. He is also tickly under his chin, especially on the left side. And his thighs--oh my goodness, talk about ticklish.

Asher first tooth popped through his gums on the bottom just a few days ago (4/17/11) and his second tooth is currently working its way through.
The monkey mat gave Asher a kidney punch when he tried to roll.

Asher loves to be tossed and lifted into the air. You are guaranteed a giggle if you fly him around like an airplane. 

Asher can hold his own bottle--and really likes to be in charge. It is a little hard for him at the beginning of the bottle, when it's still heavy, but by the second half he's a champ.

Asher is an extremely happy baby. He will smile at anyone, almost any time--he is a little "Social Butterfly."

Asher loves to be sung to--especially if the song has actions (itsy bitsy spider, popcorn popping, etc.). He is kind of indifferent toward being read to.

Asher sleeps from 7:30-7:30 (no eating at night!) and takes 3 naps a day.
 Having a conversation with Daddy.

Asher is a little Houdini when it comes to grabbing things. I'll turn my back for one second, and when I look back at him he'll have something I didn't even think was near him. On our changing table, his favorite thing to grab is the window blinds. On the floor, he'll grab anything around--but particularly likes the couches. And in bed, he'll go for the bumper pads, plugs, and his blankies.

Happy half-birthday, Smash!


Mandi said...

Happy half birthday Asher! Love his big beautiful eyes in the pic of him laying on the blanket. And love that smile! What a cutie...can't wait to spend the week with your boys next week. :)

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, he is so darling. You make cute babies!

Nicolas said...

He really is social and I just love it. Those huge smiles are adorable! Oh, and it looks like Easter
and the bday party were so much fun. I love that you hid all 48 eggs, and am quite impressed that you made a ham (I never have).

Nicolas said...

ps - I also wanted to say that I love that you gave Reed a bucket instead of a basket

Megan said...

Oh he is so cute! Hopefully we can coordinate a California trip some time in the next year!!! Your boys are getting so big and look like they are so much fun! Maylee and Asher need to meet...I think they would look so cute together. Maylee just had her 1 year appt and Asher is barely trailing behind her in stats! Love these babies! We miss you all!