Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cruise! Day 4 (More Cabo)

During our first day in Cabo, we decided to book some kind of activity for our second day in Cabo. There are Tourist Information Stands everywhere, trying to book you to do just about anything. One such tourist stand--worked by a guy who went by A-Rod, haha--booked us a boat ride/snorkel tour/lunch on the "Pez Gato."

In Cabo on Day 2, though, we found a better deal for basically the same thing--so ditched the Pez Gato (we hadn't paid yet anyway) and got aboard the Baja Adventure. We took a forty-minute boat ride to Santa Maria beach, which apparently one of the better snorkeling beaches in Cabo. The boat was good sized--we felt much more secure than on the little water taxis--and only had about ten people on it. And, during the entire boat ride, there was an open bar. We frequented it for water, soda, and frozen lemonade, but most of our fellow passengers frequented it for alcohol (including one guy who drank about 8 beers, in addition to other mixed drinks. Yeah, he was pretty funny on the ride back.

By the way, we saw the Pez Gato on the way to Santa Maria beach and it was tiny and crowded--so we were quite happy with our decision to change boats.

 We passed El Arco again:

And got beautiful views of the coastline:

And you get to see a beautiful view of us:

When we got to Santa Maria Beach, they decked us out in snorkel gear:
Something I learned while trying to take this picture is that it is awkwardly hard to smile with gigantic goggles on.

Snorkeling freaked us both out a little bit because there is just something so wrong about being underwater and taking a breath. But once we got the hang of it, snorkeling was amazing. Our guide brought a bag of tortillas, and apparently fish are crazy about tortillas--so they were everywhere.

Ryan even got to touch one. I tried, but my short arms failed me.

There was also some interesting coral:

A little snorkel video (sorry it's so shaky--you try to film underwater. It's weird.)

(By the way, a huge thank you to Ryan's boss, who lent us the underwater camera!)

Ryan even convinced me to jump off the second deck of the boat into the water with him. I am super afraid of heights, so this was quite a feat.

After snorkeling, we went back onto the boat for a fantastic lunch and a sweet dance party. Remember that drunk guy I mentioned? He got down.

When we got off the bus, we saw a pelican and a sea lion just chillin' together in the marina:

And on our way back to the cruise ship, we bought these super sweet bracelets:

Back on the boat, we decided to go swimming. We took a video down the water slide:
It feels like you are there, right?

Later, we enjoyed dinner, more hot chocolate, and one of the on-board productions (basically Monday's show with Flamenco dancers...again, not too great. I kept thinking of American Idol and how Simon would tell people they sounded like Cruise Ship performers. I finally know what he meant.)


Audrey Spence said...

What a fun trip! I love all the pictures and video. How awesome! I would love to go on cruise sometime and your posts have definitely been giving me a bug!

Mandi said...

That's so cool that you had an underwater camera. How fun!

Our Family Est. 2005 said...

Chase loved the videos :) looks like you had a blast!

Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

it's been really fun to read about your cruise and look at all of your pictures. It looks like you had a fabulous time.