Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cruise! Day 5 (Puerto Vallarta)

We had almost arrived in Puerto Vallarta when we woke up, so we quickly got ready, ate, then went to watch our boat pull up to the dock. In Puerto, we went right from the boat to a ramp to land--no tendering process--which was so much faster than waiting for the tender boats. Ryan and I decided to go on a van tour of the city.

One of the first stops was this beautiful chuch:
Quite tall, and no room to back up.

Apparently, it took about somewhere around 100 years to build this church. The building process was interrupted several times by lack of funds and a revolution. As a result, each level of the church looks a little different because it was built by different architects. The church wasn't in use until the 1980s! Crazy.

We also drove on this cobblestone road (most of the roads there were cobblestoned!) up a gigantic hill. I was a little bit scared for my life.

But, in the end, the view was worth the drive:
Beautiful, I know.

Ruined building right below us. Kind of cool.

Our new friends on the tour took a picture for us.

The tour also went to the Puerto Vallarta arches. People go on boats through those rocks! If we had more time, we would have done so, too.

We also got to tour a tequila factory. Our fellow tour-takers tried to tell us that "just a sample" wasn't drinking when we told them we didn't drink. Haha.
An entire wall of tequila.

To end the tour, we went to El Nogalito (the jungle).
It's a jungle!

Random side note: I recently started Eats, Shoots, and Leaves by Lynn Truss and have since been even more hyper-aware of grammar and spelling issues. The signs in Mexico gave me a lot to chuckle about, which I appreciated:
I hate when I have looses. Especially when the parking lot isn't responsable for them.

Our tour ended back at the dock, so we decided to go back on the boat for lunch. After lunch, we saw something we couldn't resist going to...
I know. When you see Wal-Mart in a foreign country, how can you not go in?

In case you aren't as fluent as I am (haha), "siempre" means "always."

They even had my favorite cereal, which I am calling "Zucapitas" from now on.

We also found a mall and window-shopped for a little while. Then we found this spot...
...which felt like it was commanding us to stand on it. So Ryan did. I then took the customary "Bienvenido a Puerto Vallarta" sign picture:
I really need new sunglasses.

Next, we decided to go to El Malecon (the boardwalk) to look more closely at some amazing sand sculptures we'd glimpsed during our tour.
Aztec Calendar. Made out of sand and water. I'm impressed.

The Last Supper.

Not a sand sculpture. A man coated in sand. Did he fool you, too? And can you imagine how uncomfortable that must be?

This sculptor was smartest--he made a wishing well, and I'm sure he got more tips than the other guys who just had boring tip boxes.

El Malecon also had several interesting sculptures.
He is so good to follow my picture-taking whims.

And a guy balancing rocks. Heavy rocks.
I couldn't do that.

We shopped, of course, then headed back to El Malecon to watch the sunset.

On the way to El Malecon, we found the coolest street name, ever:
The 31st of October!

And the coolest idea ever: A McDonald's that was only a little window and only sold ice cream. Very nice. We enjoyed some, of course, along with some Manzanita! (yum) soda.

We found a taxi--after deciding not to go in a taxi with a lame guy who was going to charge us more thTan any other taxi in the city--and made our way back to the boat.
The boat at night. Very nice.

We got back just in time to see one of the best Mariachi bands in Puerto Vallarta perform. Hands down my favorite show we saw on the boat.
The night got even better when I convinced Ryan to take his first jumping picture, ever. Can you believe he's never taken a jumping picture? Did he not go to high school?
After getting the perfect shot on our first try (seriously, I'm not lying), Ryan declared it his last jumping picture, ever. Because you can't mess with perfection.

To end the night, we watched the new Karate Kid (does anyone else feel like Jaden Smith looks like he's 10, which makes him much too young to have a love interest and get beat up?) and drank hot cocoa. Puerto Vallarta was amazing--we both agree it was a lot more interesting and exciting than Cabo.

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Hilary F. said...

I would love to go back to Puerto Vallarta! That's where we spent our Honeymoon. I agree that it's better than Cabo, lots more to do. If I knew you were going there I would have recommended you go to a restaurant called Si Senior, we still talk about the food we had there.