Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cruise! Days 1-2 (At Sea)

Our adventure really began on Friday (April 22nd), when we flew from Las Vegas to LA. I was super pumped to fly out of the D gates in McCarran Airport because when I was in fourth grade, I helped to craft this beauty:
That's the Chicago skyline. Michael Jordan could really benefit from a diet, I think.

You don't believe me? Proof:
That's right.

The day only got better when we scored the exit row on the plane. I could stick my legs out straight in front of me. Granted, I do have really short legs. But still. Ryan had room to cross his legs and lounge. Most comfortable plan ride. Ever.

 Okay, so not the best picture. But you get the idea.

We got to hang out with Ryan's family Friday night, Saturday, and  Sunday morning. And then...we went on a cruise!

The check-in process is a little bit annoying. But when we finally made it onto the boat and got to eat (the first of about 12,000 meals we consumed during the week), all annoyance was gone. We were going on a cruise. For seven days. While we waited to sail away, we took in the view of the Queen Mary:

 Such an artistic shot.

 And took the first (and perhaps least successful) of several self-portraits.
 Apparently, once you have kids and stop taking these kinds of pictures, you get out of practice. And if you are me you have really sensitive eyes, so they look like they are almost shut.

We gave ourselves a tour-ish of the boat.
The Carnival Splendor. So Splendorous.

At dinner, we were seated with three other couples who we didn't know. It was perhaps the most awkward dinner, ever, because we all sat across from our spouses and only talked to our spouses. It was like we were sitting at four really closely spaced tables. But we were actually sharing a table. Anyway, dinner happened. After dinner, we went to the "Big Screen Movie." The movie playing was Megamind. And...we both fell asleep. The movie started at 7:45, so I'm not sure why we were unable to stay awake. I guess we're getting old. Before we fell asleep, we had a more successful self-portrait:
The lack of sun made it a lot easier to actually have my eyes open during the picture.

We went back to our room and were suddenly wide awake, of course, so we fell asleep to another movie. Ryan woke up at 3 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep for a few hours, so he toured the boat at night without a ton of other people around. As such, he gave me a better tour of the boat the next day.

The next morning, we had breakfast in "The Gold Pearl." Our ship was spectacularly gaudy. The Gold Pearl reminded me of a casino. But the food was delicious.
Hey! It's me.

Around first lunch time, we watched an ice carving demonstration. It was quite impressive.

Indian Chief Head. Awesome, right?

Later that day, we hung out in the arcade (we were the only adults), spent some time reading on the Serenity Deck (adults only!) (also, I started the best book I've read in a long time--The Help. Read it. Now.) And did some more exploring. We found a really weird chair:
Such an awkward shape, right?

And took yet another picture of ourselves.
We're darling. 

We also went swimming, went down the water slide (again, the only adults), and played mini golf.

He's better than I am, but somehow I won!!!

It was the first of two "elegant" evenings, but neither of us felt like dressing we skipped the elegance and ate at the buffet instead. Later, we had a very enjoyable cup of hot chocolate and watched the sunset.
Someone else took this one. 

And still later, we went to a family-friendly comedy show (awesome!) and "The Beat" (one of the boat's show's...decent). And, surprisingly enough, we fell asleep during "The Beat." Oops. We went back to our room to find our first towel animal:
It's a frog!

Stay tuned for Days 3-4, AKA Cabo San Lucas!


Rachel said...

That looks like so much fun! We've been thinking about taking a cruise as a graduation present to ourselves, so I'm glad to see what it's like. And I was glad for the book recommendation, too . . . everything I've started lately has been a real stinker.

Gutierrez Family said...

i love cruises. the end. we've never been on carnival .. just royal Caribbean but it looks just as fun!!!! and the food is awesome. sorry that you had to sit next to people.. thats kinda awkward lol i can't wait for the other posts!

Our Family Est. 2005 said...

I have a feeling you guys needed to catch up on some sleep :)

Mandi said...

Meg! Sounds like so much fun! I'm sorry that you got those same super sensitive eyes as I did. No fun at all. Anyways, I'm loving all the fun pictures! And yay for towel animaals!