Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cruise! Days 6-7 (At Sea)

I don't know how I forgot to include this next gem with the Puerto Vallarta post. That night, we went to a Karaoke party and Ryan took the stage. He sang "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey and was a crowd favorite. He was much better than the super drunk single mom (her kids were at Camp Carnival) who sang "Before He Cheats." Pictures of the magic:

I know, I know: impressive.

Friday and Saturday we were "At Sea." In other words, there wasn't a ton to do. We spent a lot of time reading/tanning on the Serenity Deck (affectionately dubbed "Serenity Now"), we checked out Scattergories and a deck of cards from the library (Ryan totally destroyed me at War, twice...and let's not even talk about Scattergories), we went on the water slide, played mini golf, balled it up on the basketball court, read (I finished The Help and wished I hadn't read it so fast because I still wanted to be reading it), wandered around the shops, and relaxed. The only bad part was that the ocean was much choppier on Saturday than it had been the entire week, and I got quite sick. Yuck.

We docked back in Long Beach on Sunday morning, then had a full day until our flight left. When we finally got home around 1 a.m., we were exhausted. The next morning, I was quite excited to see these two:

Asher looked confused when I was the one who came into his room, which made me a little sad. But when I picked him up, I got one gigantic smile and a little "gee" (his signature noise). 

Reed was excited to see us, but even more excited that we came home bearing gifts. I think his favorite gift was actually the set of maracas we gave Asher, but my favorite thing we got for Reed was this dope soccer outfit:
He's so legit.

We had a fantastic time on our cruise, and I would definitely recommend Carnival, if anyone is in the market for a cruise line to travel with. We missed our boys so much--especially the last few days--but it was nice to have a break and to spend time with just the two of us. Happy five years to us!


kayla said...

My respect for Ryan just grew so much. Karaoke is the best thing in the world.

Audrey Spence said...

Ryan singing Journey at karaoke. Somehow I'm not surprised. I bet he was awesome because he is one of the most awesome people ever and has this way of making everyone around him have a good time. Such a fun trip. I'm so looking into a cruise in the future! ( I guess I have to convince my hubby of course :))

Mandi said...

Ryan's karaoke pictures are awesome! I've loved reading about and seeing all of your cruise pictures. But it makes me want to go on another cruise!