Monday, May 2, 2011

The Monthly Reed: 29

Our Reed is becoming a big boy, even though I still call him my baby. He is super independent and so smart! He can count to eleven and recognizes a few numbers by sight. He can sing the alphabet knows several letters by sight (A, M, B, C, S, R, H, D, and a few others I can't remember...). His vocabulary and sentence structure continue to amaze me (he can build a coherent nine-word sentence). He is great at conjugating and using proper tenses and is getting that hang of using proper pronouns and the tense change of some of the trickier words (such as saying "went" instead of "goed"...but he doesn't always get those :)

Reed loves to sing songs and read books and has a great memory--he will sing songs and "read" books he remembers to words of to Asher. Reed loves to make food in his kitchen and to build with blocks. He really loves to paint and to color. Today he drew a big group of lines and told me it was a "bunch of string," haha. Reed's favorite thing to do, though, is to play outside. He loves to dig and to play in the rocks. He adores the park and will finally go down the slide alone (oddly, he used to love going down alone...then he went through a six-monthish period where I had to go with him...). He loves to ride his bike and to play with the hose.

 Just stealing Asher's spotlight.

Reed gets so jealous when we do Asher's "month picture" because Reed doesn't like to share Lambie (Lambie, by the way, is technically mine--Ryan gave him to me for Easter when we were dating). Randomly, Lambie is like the one thing he is possessive of--he will usually share anything else with Asher without a fight. Perhaps he is really just a little jealous that Asher is getting a solo picture :)

 Rockin' his sweet happy-meal-box hat.

We had a little family date to McDonald's with a gift card Santa left in Reed's stocking. Reed was so pumped that the happy meal box turned into a hat that he wore it all night. Since then, he has been addicted to McDonald's--when we work on his letters, he now says "M" is for "McDonald's," rather than "Mommy," as it used to be.

 What--your two year old doesn't have a blanket with skulls on it? Weird.

Remember Asher's blanket? I'm happy to report that it didn't take me six months to finish Reed's blanket. I decided it had to be completed before we left on our cruise, so I stayed up until 1:00 a.m. the night before we left finishing it. Anyway, it was worth it in the morning when Reed said, "Oh Mommy, I love it" and today, when he said, "This is so cool."

Notice what he's using to hold his spoon? Nope, not his fingers...his toes.

While Ryan and I were on our cruise, Reed started saying "uh-huh" rather than his classic "yeah." He says "uh-huh" in response to everything.

Chillin' with Daddy in our living room campsite.

I don't know how I never blogged about this, but a few weeks ago Reed and Ryan had a practice camp out. We got Reed his own little sleeping bag and busted out the tent that we bought four years ago (and have never used) and set the boys up in the living room. They read stories and played together in the tent, then Reed invited me in to watch a movie with them. We watched Planet 51. I assumed Reed would fall asleep pretty quickly, because it was already two hours past his bedtime. But by 10:30 he was still going strong--so we decided to turn off the movie and go to sleep so he wouldn't be too grumpy the next day. Reed, though, was super loopy from being up so late. He kept saying, "Mander" (his new, accidental nickname for Mandi) and cracking up (seriously, he said it like thirty times) and couldn't lay still--his feet were going crazy. Finally, we gave up and tucked everyone into bed. He had a great time, though, and I think he would do better with the whole sleeping thing if we actually camped outside :)

Cozy in his new sleeping bag.

We love our Reed and are so happy that he is a part of our family!


Christy said...

Love the blankets for the boys!

Heather and Spencer said...

LOVE Reed's blanket!

Mandi said...

He is such a cutie. I had so much fun spending time with your boys while you were gone. Reed & I had a blast together. I can't believe what a big boy he's getting to be though!