Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Monthly Reed: 30

A very happy half-birthday to Reed!

Super duper cheese.
After every meal, Reed asks, "Will _____ (whatever food he didn't finish) get all yucky on the fridge? Should we put paper (saran wrap) on it? Was I a good eater?" He asks if it will get yucky in the fridge because he wants to save ALL leftovers--even soggy cereal--so I have to tell him that some things will just get yucky. He gets so upset if I throw any of his leftovers away; but he never asks for them again later.

Reed probably could have done both of these tasks sooner if instructed sooner, but anyway, Reed can now put on and take off his flip flops by himself and can also put on his shorts and underwear by himself. Shirts still pose problems, and, for whatever reason, he's not great at getting his shorts, underwear, or shirts off by himself.

 A diaper circle and its proud creator.

So this is kind of embarrassing, but I usually put diapers by the door until I am going outside--and sometimes a few pile up. One day, while Reed was waiting for me to be ready to go, he arranged the diapers like this (above), then yelled, "Mama, I made a circle!!" He was so proud.

"Matching" with baby brother.

If I'm leaving Asher alone for a minute and he's sitting up, I usually put a pillow behind him, just in case. Reed decided he needed a pillow, too, and was so excited to tell me that he "match-matched with Ash."

 Using his "handy helpers"--that what he calls his two fingers when he uses them to pinch things and pick them up (he got it from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).

Reed loves playing games on the computer. We've been playing the learning games on fisher-price.com and now that's all he ever wants to do! His favorites are the Thomas guess-who game, the opposites game, and the who's at the door? game.

We talked about colors then drew rainbows one day for school. Reed's is on the right. I helped him write "RA," but he wanted to write the rest himself--that is what the scribbles next to the letters are.

Reed loves to sing. I sing to him every nap time and bedtime, and he will usually join in on the song. We have a little game where I sing a few words, then pause, and he fills in the blanks. We trade back and forth until the song is over.

Reed loves "Sing a Rainbow." And, as you can see, he often mixes up red and green--but does really well with the rest of the colors.

 Ryan has been taking Reed to the Home Depot workshops for kids and Reed has been loving them--he loves to build!

 While the hat definitely doesn't go with the shirt, I thought it made him look so grown-up!

Reed is so tender with Asher. The other day we were in the car and Asher was crying. Reed said, "It's okay, Ash. We're almost home. Don't worry." Reed loves to tickle Asher and really enjoys going in Asher's crib post-nap to play with Asher before we get Asher out of the crib.

This shovel is Reed's go-to utensil for eating yogurt.

Reed is generally a pretty good and obedient little boy, but he's starting to throw tantrums and yell "no!" or "stop it!" a lot. He can be quite strong-willed if he sets his mind on something.

Such a goof.

We have been doing "school" a few times a week (just Reed and I, while Asher naps) and Reed really loves learning. We have done colors a few times and started on a few letters. I was surprised at how much he already knew--what he'd picked up from just our playtime before. He loves doing school.
We sorted M 'n' Ms (then ate them!) for school one day. He did pretty well, except for the rogue brown.

A few things Reed loves to do: play "kitchen food," go to story time, do school, go to the splash pad, go to the park, watch movies, swim, jump on the bed, paint, be buried by pillows and blankets and guys, and play bubbles and chalk.

 Reed and Moo cuddling.

One day, Reed had been napping for quite a long time, so I went to check on him. I found him lying on the bed, awake, holding his stuffed cow ("Moo") which he had swaddled. When we left the room, he laid his cow down on his pillow, kissed the cow, had me kiss the cow, then whispered, "We better close the door so he can sleep."

 Playing with our homemade, super sticky play-dough.

Randomly, Reed peed the bed all 3 nights we stayed at Grandma's two weekends ago--but he hadn't had an accident for about a week and a half before that and hasn't had an accident since!

 Looking out his "goggles."

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Christy said...

Apparently, the Rainbow song is incorrect because it doesn't coincide with a Mr. Roy G. Biv (whoever that is :P), but I learned the Rainbow song the same way and I'm stickin' with it! How cute to hear him sing that song!