Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I'm so grateful to be a mom. Some days, it is certainly stressful and difficult. But I have been blessed with two amazing, sweet boys, and the great days far outnumber the not-so-great days. I am so grateful for my boys and so glad to be their mom.

My mother's day started on Saturday morning. We had been out running errands and had to stop quickly at the grocery store. We only needed a few things, so I just ran in while Ryan waited in the car with the boys. While I was gone, Reed kept saying, "Daddy, can I go with Mommy? She is my bestie boy. She is my buddy like on Buzz-Woody." A good Reedism never fails to make my day. When we got back home, Ryan took Reed to a Home Depot kids' workshop, where Reed built this lovely masterpiece for me:
He was so proud of himself, and has taken me to smell the flowers about 1,000 times since. They do smell quite nice.

Ryan had taken the boys out shopping on Friday night, but had no luck finding a gift. Apparently, Reed was quite upset that they didn't find something to give to me. After we put the boys to bed, Ryan went out again, alone. Saturday morning, Ryan showed Reed what Ryan had picked out for me. Reed was so excited, he ran to find me and said, "Mommy, guess what! We got you a purse! Do you want to see it?" I got to open my present a little early:
The purse is from Reed, the wallet from Asher. And isn't Ryan great at picking out accessories? I'm giving all the credit to Janelle.

The next morning, we went to church, which is always great, then came home, where Ryan gave me the gift he picked out:

(The plate.) Cute again, right? I was then presented with an extremely sweet card from Ryan and this card from Reed (he told me what he had "written"):

In addition to a picture Reed made in nursery:

I even wrangled the babes into taking a picture with me. Thanks for the cooperation, Reed.

The day ended with a surprise on our doorstep:

Yes, that is a bag full of mud with a popsicle stick stuck into it tied with a ponytail holder. How did you guess? (How weird is that?)

I'm so grateful for all the mothers who have impacted my life--most specifically my mom and Ryan's mom. We are lucky to both have amazing moms who have set wonderful examples for us and who have influenced us in basically everything we do. I'm so grateful for our moms and for the love they give to us and our boys. Happy Mother's Day!


Mandi said...

I love how much Reed wanted to go in the store with you! So cute! And Ryan is awesome. That purse is perfect! You do have pretty amazing boys, by the way. That picture of you with them is pretty cute.

Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

You are such a great mom. I'm glad you had a fun mother's day