Thursday, May 19, 2011

On a slightly more serious note.

I'll admit it, I waste a lot of time on the internet. Especially since becoming the "Social Media Expert" (ha) for my dad's foundation. (I'm facebooking here and tweeting here. I know, I never thought I would tweet either. Likes, follows, or advice would be greatly appreciated!)

But, amidst all the time wasting, I've found a lot of good on the internet lately--a lot of stories that have pulled at my heart. One of the most recent was this family, who lost their wife and mother and the baby she was pregnant with very unexpectedly on the same day. I've long been following this family, whose lost their 18 month old last summer. These stories make me think of people I know who are facing difficulties--one friend whose baby was just born at 34 weeks and is in the NICU, another whose baby has a heart defect and has already had a surgery and is now back in the NICU, another who is pregnant with a baby with a heart defect and who has been in and out of the hospital. What really impresses me about all these people, though, is the attribute they have in common: faith. When I think of them, I feel so selfish. I have healthy kids, Ryan has a great job, we live in a nice place. I don't know that I could face what they are facing. But I am grateful for their faith and for their example of how to face trials and to use those trials to make themselves stronger. Seeing their faith in the face of such gigantic trials humbles me, and inspires me to become stronger and more faithful in the face of my small and perhaps somewhat insignificant trials.

Anyway, one last good thing I've found on the internet:

Okay, one more "last" thing: the movie above made me think of this talk by Elder Holland about the Book of Mormon, and it's possibly my favorite talk, ever.


Rachel said...

The Macks used to be in our ward out here, so their story has really rocked our little community. You always think these awful tragedies happen to somebody else, but it seems more and more that they are happening to people I know and love, or even just friends of friends. It certainly does make you step back and appreciate what you have, doesn't it?

Megan & David said...

Oh man that first blog made me ball my eyes out!

Liz Cuillard said...

I so enjoyed your blog recommendations! I have one for you, but be sure to get your tissues out. You should start at the beginning if you want to get the full effect.

Kim said...

I had heard of the Mack's story, but hadn't looked at their blog yet.SO SAD. I also have followed the Sullengers for a while and it is good to see some happiness on their end. I agree, I am so blessed and have so much and I am so impressed with people and the things that they face with such faith.