Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reed's take on the spirit

Last night, we prayed "Please bless our family with the spirit." Reed asked, "What's the spirit?" I told him to wait until after the prayer and we'd talk about it. As soon as he'd said, "Name of Jesus Christ..." he asked, "What's the spirit???" He couldn't even wait for an amen. The following conversation ensued:

Reed: What's the spirit?
Me: You know when we read scriptures or pray or go to nursery and we feel good and happy? That's the spirit.
Reed: Does Grandma have the spirit?
Me: Yep.
Reed: Where does she keep it? Can I see it?
Me: It's not something we can see Buddy. It's something we feel.
Reed: Can I feel it? (Reaches his hand out to touch.)
Me: We can't touch it. It's something we feel inside.
Reed: Oh.
I don't think he really understood, but it was sweet nonetheless.

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Mandi said...

Haha cute little buddy. He's such an inquisitive little boy. I love that he wanted to touch it. :)