Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just Reed

He woke up Sunday morning and it was like he had grown up overnight.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Running BFF

My younger sister, Kayla, and I started running in November 2010. We were both super committed and ended up becoming kind of official runners--culminating in our 50 mile relay. Post-relay--well, we both slacked, big time. Neither of us ran consistently, we both stopped eating as well as we had been, and eventually we both got to the point where running a few miles (who am I kidding--running even one mile) was really pushing it.

Then Kayla came up with the fantastic idea to run another race. She found the "Groovefest 5K" and we signed up.We both decided we would definitely be able to run the 5K if it wasn't uphill. About five minutes before the 5K started, we found out exactly where the course was. And it was, in fact, uphill. Ha. We ended up running up Cedar Canyon for the first half of the 5K, then mercifully got to turn around and run down Cedar Canyon for the second half of the 5K.

I'm happy to report, though, that we made it! We were slower than usual (32:20), but only by a few minutes. And, since it was a small 5K, I placed 4th in my division (just a few seconds away from a medal!) and 11th overall for women; Kayla placed 5th in her division and about 15th overall for women.

Here's to our third 5K!

Adventures in Coupoing: Yikes.

We went to a friend's house yesterday to get Ryan's and Reed's hair cut. As we pulled up, we noticed copies of the St. George Neighborhoods Newspaper (a tiny edition of the regular newspaper that's free to everyone) yellowing in the sun on basically every driveway. Ryan said, "Those probably have coupons in them." I was almost positive there were coupons inside--so I went to take a peek. Inside? A full copy of the Smart Source coupon book that comes in the Sunday newspaper. So what did I do? I grabbed Reed's hand (in case, you know, anyone came outside) and ran from house to house, taking (stealing??) the newspapers! I took five, in total. Ryan just laughed at me. But seriously, the people living in those houses obviously didn't want them, right? I mean, some of these were two-week-old papers!

This couponing thing? It's addicting.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Every time I tell Reed I need to clean up the house, he asks who is coming over.

Every time I tell Reed we need to get dressed, he asks where we are going.

1. We clean if someone is coming over, but otherwise live in a mess.
2. We put on clothes if we are going somewhere, but otherwise we chill in big boys or jammies.

When did these become our house rules?

Adventures in Couponing: On my way to extreme?

$5.19 total! 81% savings! Woohoo!

I'm kind of addicted to the show Extreme Couponing on TLC. I mean, seriously--90% savings on groceries? Yes, please. I started subscribing to Sunday only Newspaper about a month ago but was too nervous to actually start using the coupons (yep, I'm a geek). Anyway, I went to a free coupon class last week (Thanks Dixie Coupon Chick!!) and today went on my first ever coupon trip. Just a small one, but a coupon trip nonetheless. Hooray!

(By the way, I could have saved $0.50 more if I'd doubled the right coupon. Oops!)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Campers

I'm not exactly a camper. But Ryan has been wanting to go camping since we bought a tent on clearance just a few months after we got married. When we went to California a few weeks ago, Ryan spent some time in the garage with his dad--and we came home with a giant tent, sleeping bags, a nice camp stove, and miscellaneous camping/cooking gear. Now he really wanted to go camping. He started researching and found that every reserveable campsite nearby is booked through the end of August. But then he found a campsite that was only about 30 minutes from our house and filled up on a first come, first serve basis: Baker Reservoir. He got Reed on board (which took about .2 seconds), then the two of them worked on me, and it was decided: we were going camping.

On Friday when Ryan got home from work, he asked Reed what time it was. Reed announced, "It's tent time!!" So we packed up, met Kayla, and set off to the campsite. Luckily, there was an opening. We set up camp, then went on a short hike. Poor Asher's head got eaten alive by mosquitoes, but every one else had a fun time. After hiking, we ate (hot dogs and mac & cheese, accompanied by Tampico--woot woot!) and fought with Asher to go to bed. Later, we ate S'mores (Reed refused to try them, but did eat all the components separately), played games, and did camping stuff.

Asher did not really like camping. He didn't eat well and didn't sleep well. He finally fell asleep about two hours after I put him down (and tried everything I could think of to make him sleep!!)--but was woken up soon thereafter by Reed, who likes to sing himself to sleep (seriously). I finally got him to sleep the rest of the night by holding him all night. I was actually glad I ended up holding him because it got quite cold, and he would have been freezing alone in his pack n' play. (Yes, a pack n' play and two queen-sized air mattresses fit in our tent. I told you it was huge.)

After a breakfast of bacon, pancakes, and eggs, we packed up and headed home. It was a fun new adventure!

Baker Reservoir

 Being good during the hike--smiling and sleeping.

Camping Goodness.

 Around the "tent site"

We love camping!

Monday, June 20, 2011

You saw this coming, right?

 Asher has one. Reed has one. Now Ryan does, too.

After I made Reed's jersey blanket, I still had a pretty good-sized piece of jersey left. Ryan half-joked that I should make a blanket for him, since he loved the jersey so much (he was joking because he didn't want me to have to make him a blanket; serious because he really did want one). So when Father's Day came around, and I didn't know what to get him, I knew I just had to make the blanket.

I found a ridiculous sale on flannel at JoAnn's ($2/yard, woot woot!), which was good because I needed 6 1/2 yards.  Then I secretly got to work. Reed decided that blanket should say "Daddy," not "Dad," so that's what we went with:

Reed spilled the beans about a week before Father's Day when he asked me, "Remember that quilt we are making for Daddy?" right in front of Ryan. Luckily, I played it cool and Ryan forgot about it. Then he almost saw the project when I was working on it at my mom's house. But, despite several close calls, when he finally opened it he was surprised (happy surprised).

Three cheers for blankets!

 And, speaking of Father's Day, look how cute this father is with his boys:

I'm so grateful for Ryan and for the amazing father he is. Our boys are so lucky to have such a caring, thoughtful dad who loves to teach them new things and to play with them. I'm also grateful for both of our dads, who have set great examples for us and have taught us a lot about parenting. Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Monthly Asher: 8

He's getting so big!

Asher really likes to be outside. He has spent several hikes in his baby carrier and enjoys looking around at and trying to grab everything. He also loves to try to eat grass when we play outside. He is apathetic toward slides, but loves swings--he just giggles the entire time.

First, he figured out how to get the bucket onto his head...

Asher loves blankets. We have stopped swaddling him at night both because it is quite hot here and because he wiggles out of it in about thirty seconds anyway--but we leave a blanket with him in bed and usually find him cuddling with or holding onto the blanket when we check on him at night. 

And then he figured out how to get it off!

We started giving Asher a sippy cup this month, and he gets how to use it--but isn't really a fan of water. He just spits it all out. But he loves to chew on it and play with it.

Ryan being artsy, Asher eating sweet potatoes. And check out his beautiful blue eye!

Asher is such a chill baby. He puts up with a lot and doesn't usually complain. He is a great sleeper and a great eater (well, except for bottles--he is only a fan of real food now!).

Asher loves this toy--the blue computer is his favorite part. He could open and close it all day.

Asher "talks" like crazy--he makes a lot of noise! He babbles "baba," "mama," "dada," and "gee." (He actually started saying "dada" today--on Father's Day. Quite appropriate.) He also loves to growl and spends the majority of the day growling at anything near him.

Asher loves, loves, loves Reed. Yesterday in the car, they just giggled at each other in the back seat.

I've started giving Asher a few "real" foods, like bread, bananas, and cheerios. Asher loves real food and is great at feeding himself--he has the pincer grasp down pat.


Asher loves to play peek-a-boo.  He cracks up when he sees a blanket coming his way because he knows what is coming. He also likes to give "kisses," which are more of a gigantically open mouth colliding with your face.

All ready for his big race, haha.

Asher has transitioned from three naps to two naps. He naps from 9:30-11:30 and from 2:00-4:00, then sleeps from 7:30-7:30.

Just chillin' with big brother.

Asher loves to bang on things and to bang things together. He especially loves to bang his high chair tray while he's waiting for food.

Being tricky--instead of moving his body forward, he pulls the blanket forward to get the things he wants.

When seated, Asher will reach so far for something that his little bum will lift quite high off the ground--but he hasn't decided to start going from seated to all fours yet. I'm thinking it's going to happen soon, though.

He's just a sweetheart.

Asher is starting to move around like crazy, but still not crawling. It's always a surprise to see where he is in his bed when I go in to check on him at night, because it is generally completely different from where I originally put him down.

Showing off his new chomps.

Asher has seven teeth--four of which that have popped through the gums just this week.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Good news!

Smash is big enough to sit up in the wagon! (Buckled in, of course--what kind of mother do you think I am?)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pine Valley

Apparently, every hike we do is spontaneous-this hike, this hike, this hike, and this hike for example. So last Saturday, guess what? We went on another unplanned hike. You're surprised, right?

This time, we decided to go to Pine Valley. We also decided to attempt our longest and hardest hike with kids to date.

The beginning of the hike tried its best to make us turn around--it was just 1/2 mile, straight uphill, you know, no big deal. Once we made it up the hill of death, though, the hike was awesome. The majority of the hike was shaded, provided amazing views (sorry, but you don't get to see any of the views...we didn't want to lug our camera up a mountain. We had enough weight to carry with the boys!), and was only slightly hilly. Sadly, we weren't able to make the full trip--Asher got hungry and Reed started telling us, "My pigs hurt. We just need to go back to the car so we can go home"--but we did make it a total of about 4 miles, round-trip. Reed walked a good 2.5 miles of that, too! Ryan and I plan on going back without the boys sometime so we can hike the entire trail. Other items of note were Asher's hour-and-a-half long nap in the baby sling and Reed's first, second, and third pees in the wilderness. Reed was not pleased the first time we tried to get him to pee outside, but he was super pumped on it the second and third time.

After this hike, I have a new need (seriously, it's not just a want!): a hiking baby carrier. My back is killing me!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I don't know if you've noticed, but Asher's hair is out of control. The front stays lies flat and the back sticks straight up. I can get the front to go up, too, but this only looks semi-decent if is his hair is short. Otherwise, he just looks a little shocked:

In May (the 12th, to be exact), Grandma Lexie gave Asher his first haircut. Asher was so good, and his hair was much improved post-cut.




The only problem now is that his hair grows quite fast--so he's already in desperate need of a cut again! I have a feeling this is a battle I will fight many, many times...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Unexpected Weekend

Our weekend actually started out as expected with a trip to California for Zoe's baptism. The only thing unexpected about the drive was that I drove most of the way. You may not know that my driving makes Ryan quite nervous (without cause, I must add), so I never drive past Barstow and usually don't really drive at all. But Ryan was in a lot of pain from a toothache and on some intense painkillers, so he was in no condition to drive.

Anyway, we made it to California and Reed had a fantastic time with his cousins. Zoe's baptism was wonderful and I'm so glad we were able to be there--especially glad that Reed was able to be there and to experience a baptism. But Ryan's toothache kept getting worse--to the point that we decided to buy him a plane ticket to Colorado for Sunday morning (our favorite dentist lives there) and to move my departure time from Monday night to Sunday morning.

Between finding a flight for Ryan, arranging the dental work with Nick, picking up prescriptions Nick called in for Ryan, and arranging babysitters for the boys, I took a total of zero pictures in California. Quite odd for me, I know.

Anyway, Ryan's parents drove him to the airport at 5 a.m. on Sunday morning (yikes!) and I left with the boys in the car at about 8:30 a.m. After several potty/eating breaks, we finally made it St. George at 5:00. I gave the boys to my parents, picked Kayla up (my driving helper), and left for Colorado. We made it there at about 11 p.m.

Meanwhile, Nick had extracted the offending tooth in Ryan's mouth and worked a time into his schedule the next day for more dental work.

Ryan and Nick went into the office early Monday morning to finish Ryan's dental work. Later that afternoon, after Ryan had rested and done a lot of tax work, we went shopping (because what else would you do the afternoon after getting major dental work done?). Gap was having a gigantic sale-an extra 40% off clearance! We spent $60 and got to take home this gigantic pile of clothing:
That's two pairs of pants for Ryan, two pairs of pants for me (including a pair of jeans), four tops for me, a skirt for me, and a swimsuit for me! That's an average of $6 per item. Score!

We had fun hanging out with Lynnie and Nick and were sad we had to leave on Tuesday morning. To break up the drive a little, we decided to stop in Arches National Park, home of the famous "Delicate Arch." We went on a grueling hike to the window arches.

Okay, so we went on an easy stroll up a lot of stairs.

And we ended up at quite a large arch.

We also went to this arch.

I was a little nervous that those rocks were going to fall on top of us.

I can't believe he wanted to hike the day after major dental work, but he was a trooper!

And decided he needed to pull a sneak attack and jump into my picture at the last minute. Ha.

I know, we're darling.

Kayla is so cool.

Isn't the rock formation super cool?

My angelic picture.

Aptly named the "balanced rock."

We are so grateful for both our families and for how much they helped us. In California, we had family members go out and buy medicine, bring us painkillers they had, help us arrange flights, and give Ryan a priesthood blessing--all in the midst of getting ready for a baptism and a family dinner. My family watched the boys, drove with me so I wouldn't fall asleep, and gave us a place to sleep and a place to go for the dental work. It was amazing to see how quickly and willingly our family mobilized to help us out. We're so grateful for the families we've been blessed with!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

There's nothing I love more than a "free" sign on furniture by the side of the road

(Okay, so maybe there are a few things I love more)

Our next-door-neighbors just moved and left behind this beauty:
 I'm not sure why they didn't take it (not enough room???) but when I saw it sitting by the garbage cans with a "free" sign on it, I knew it must be mine. Reed likes it so much that he wouldn't even turn toward me for a picture--he was too busy playing.

Smash also finds it enjoyable, mainly because of his obsession with Thomas trains.
Hooray for free!

Friday, June 3, 2011


We have two rules during naptime:
1. Don't jump on the bed (okay, that's a rule all the time).
2. Sleep.

Yesterday, Reed apparently forgot the rules, because instead of sleeping, he was jumping on his bed--which I found out when I heard a crash and a scream from upstairs. I found Reed in a heap on his bed, crying, because he'd hit his head on his headboard. He now has a nice bruise and a great story to tell. Maybe now he'll actually sleep during his naptimes...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

We have a new love.

On Saturday, Ryan's parents and Janelle's girls made a super quick trip to visit us, bring us a bedroom set (thanks!!!! It's our first one, ever), and take home the Camaro so Kent could fix us. Anyway, we managed to pack the day full of fun activities. And Reed has discovered his new favorite place: Jumpin' Jacks.

Jumpin' Jacks is amazing--seriously, it's like every child's dream come true. Basically, it's a gigantic warehouse filled with several different inflatables--from obstacle courses to slides to a castle.I think the hours we spent at Jumpin' Jacks were literally the best of Reed's life. He has asked me every day since if we could go to Jumpin' Jacks with "all his cousins." But I'll let the pictures tell you the rest...

I promise Peyton wasn't mad/having a bad time. Just a little annoyed to have to wait to go down the slide, I think.
Taking a break on the merry-go-round.

Ryan thought it would be fun to try to somersault down the slide. I think it looks pretty painful, personally.

Kamdyn is always such a good helper for Reed.

Obstacle course! Reed is so in the lead.

Zoe decided to take an alternative route into the obstacle course, apparently.



Ryan is braver than I am, and let Reed slide down all by himself. Reed was all about the independence, and wouldn't go accompanied at all after his first taste of freedom.

His face looked like this pretty much the entire day.

I figured it was only fair. Embarrassing picture of Ryan, meet embarrassing picture of Megan.

So fun, right?

After Jumpin' Jacks (I know, it seems like that would be enough fun for one day, right?) we went swimming. Reed loved swimming with the girls and jumped into the pool about 54 times. It was awesome.

We were sad their trip had to be so short, but we had so much fun! Thanks for coming!