Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Running BFF

My younger sister, Kayla, and I started running in November 2010. We were both super committed and ended up becoming kind of official runners--culminating in our 50 mile relay. Post-relay--well, we both slacked, big time. Neither of us ran consistently, we both stopped eating as well as we had been, and eventually we both got to the point where running a few miles (who am I kidding--running even one mile) was really pushing it.

Then Kayla came up with the fantastic idea to run another race. She found the "Groovefest 5K" and we signed up.We both decided we would definitely be able to run the 5K if it wasn't uphill. About five minutes before the 5K started, we found out exactly where the course was. And it was, in fact, uphill. Ha. We ended up running up Cedar Canyon for the first half of the 5K, then mercifully got to turn around and run down Cedar Canyon for the second half of the 5K.

I'm happy to report, though, that we made it! We were slower than usual (32:20), but only by a few minutes. And, since it was a small 5K, I placed 4th in my division (just a few seconds away from a medal!) and 11th overall for women; Kayla placed 5th in her division and about 15th overall for women.

Here's to our third 5K!

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Mandi said...

You girls rock!