Monday, June 27, 2011


Every time I tell Reed I need to clean up the house, he asks who is coming over.

Every time I tell Reed we need to get dressed, he asks where we are going.

1. We clean if someone is coming over, but otherwise live in a mess.
2. We put on clothes if we are going somewhere, but otherwise we chill in big boys or jammies.

When did these become our house rules?


redstarmama said...

Please do not think you are alone in this. My kids are just now being disabused of both of those ideas.

ashley said...

Megan I'm so glad you found my blog first! I was totally going to ask you for yours, but didn't know if that would weird you out, I don't know why it would, but yeah, anyway, I'm excited to learn more about your family :)

Audrey Spence said...

My daughter is just over 2 and whenever I get dressed she says "come?" Apparently I only get out of my pjs when I'm going somewhere. Go me :)

Rachel said...

Oh dear, this sounds just like my house. Isn't it pathetic?