Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Campers

I'm not exactly a camper. But Ryan has been wanting to go camping since we bought a tent on clearance just a few months after we got married. When we went to California a few weeks ago, Ryan spent some time in the garage with his dad--and we came home with a giant tent, sleeping bags, a nice camp stove, and miscellaneous camping/cooking gear. Now he really wanted to go camping. He started researching and found that every reserveable campsite nearby is booked through the end of August. But then he found a campsite that was only about 30 minutes from our house and filled up on a first come, first serve basis: Baker Reservoir. He got Reed on board (which took about .2 seconds), then the two of them worked on me, and it was decided: we were going camping.

On Friday when Ryan got home from work, he asked Reed what time it was. Reed announced, "It's tent time!!" So we packed up, met Kayla, and set off to the campsite. Luckily, there was an opening. We set up camp, then went on a short hike. Poor Asher's head got eaten alive by mosquitoes, but every one else had a fun time. After hiking, we ate (hot dogs and mac & cheese, accompanied by Tampico--woot woot!) and fought with Asher to go to bed. Later, we ate S'mores (Reed refused to try them, but did eat all the components separately), played games, and did camping stuff.

Asher did not really like camping. He didn't eat well and didn't sleep well. He finally fell asleep about two hours after I put him down (and tried everything I could think of to make him sleep!!)--but was woken up soon thereafter by Reed, who likes to sing himself to sleep (seriously). I finally got him to sleep the rest of the night by holding him all night. I was actually glad I ended up holding him because it got quite cold, and he would have been freezing alone in his pack n' play. (Yes, a pack n' play and two queen-sized air mattresses fit in our tent. I told you it was huge.)

After a breakfast of bacon, pancakes, and eggs, we packed up and headed home. It was a fun new adventure!

Baker Reservoir

 Being good during the hike--smiling and sleeping.

Camping Goodness.

 Around the "tent site"

We love camping!


kayla said...

This was a fun trip! We definitely have to go again once we find a solution for Asher :)

Our Family Est. 2005 said...

You are so brave! I am not a camper, I have never even slept in a tent :) Great pictures!

Mandi said...

Sounds like you guys had fun. I love the pics of Asher during the hike. He looks so cute. I'm loving his cute hair and big smile lately. Oh and I love your nature pictures.
If I liked camping I'd want to come just based off of your pictures. Oh and P.S. you make me want S'mores.

redstarmama said...

Yeah, camping with babies? Not so much fun. We just got back from a camping trip, and Calum was about 6 months too young to be enjoyable. Next summer for sure!