Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pine Valley

Apparently, every hike we do is spontaneous-this hike, this hike, this hike, and this hike for example. So last Saturday, guess what? We went on another unplanned hike. You're surprised, right?

This time, we decided to go to Pine Valley. We also decided to attempt our longest and hardest hike with kids to date.

The beginning of the hike tried its best to make us turn around--it was just 1/2 mile, straight uphill, you know, no big deal. Once we made it up the hill of death, though, the hike was awesome. The majority of the hike was shaded, provided amazing views (sorry, but you don't get to see any of the views...we didn't want to lug our camera up a mountain. We had enough weight to carry with the boys!), and was only slightly hilly. Sadly, we weren't able to make the full trip--Asher got hungry and Reed started telling us, "My pigs hurt. We just need to go back to the car so we can go home"--but we did make it a total of about 4 miles, round-trip. Reed walked a good 2.5 miles of that, too! Ryan and I plan on going back without the boys sometime so we can hike the entire trail. Other items of note were Asher's hour-and-a-half long nap in the baby sling and Reed's first, second, and third pees in the wilderness. Reed was not pleased the first time we tried to get him to pee outside, but he was super pumped on it the second and third time.

After this hike, I have a new need (seriously, it's not just a want!): a hiking baby carrier. My back is killing me!

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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

such an adorable picture and family! :)