Friday, June 10, 2011

Unexpected Weekend

Our weekend actually started out as expected with a trip to California for Zoe's baptism. The only thing unexpected about the drive was that I drove most of the way. You may not know that my driving makes Ryan quite nervous (without cause, I must add), so I never drive past Barstow and usually don't really drive at all. But Ryan was in a lot of pain from a toothache and on some intense painkillers, so he was in no condition to drive.

Anyway, we made it to California and Reed had a fantastic time with his cousins. Zoe's baptism was wonderful and I'm so glad we were able to be there--especially glad that Reed was able to be there and to experience a baptism. But Ryan's toothache kept getting worse--to the point that we decided to buy him a plane ticket to Colorado for Sunday morning (our favorite dentist lives there) and to move my departure time from Monday night to Sunday morning.

Between finding a flight for Ryan, arranging the dental work with Nick, picking up prescriptions Nick called in for Ryan, and arranging babysitters for the boys, I took a total of zero pictures in California. Quite odd for me, I know.

Anyway, Ryan's parents drove him to the airport at 5 a.m. on Sunday morning (yikes!) and I left with the boys in the car at about 8:30 a.m. After several potty/eating breaks, we finally made it St. George at 5:00. I gave the boys to my parents, picked Kayla up (my driving helper), and left for Colorado. We made it there at about 11 p.m.

Meanwhile, Nick had extracted the offending tooth in Ryan's mouth and worked a time into his schedule the next day for more dental work.

Ryan and Nick went into the office early Monday morning to finish Ryan's dental work. Later that afternoon, after Ryan had rested and done a lot of tax work, we went shopping (because what else would you do the afternoon after getting major dental work done?). Gap was having a gigantic sale-an extra 40% off clearance! We spent $60 and got to take home this gigantic pile of clothing:
That's two pairs of pants for Ryan, two pairs of pants for me (including a pair of jeans), four tops for me, a skirt for me, and a swimsuit for me! That's an average of $6 per item. Score!

We had fun hanging out with Lynnie and Nick and were sad we had to leave on Tuesday morning. To break up the drive a little, we decided to stop in Arches National Park, home of the famous "Delicate Arch." We went on a grueling hike to the window arches.

Okay, so we went on an easy stroll up a lot of stairs.

And we ended up at quite a large arch.

We also went to this arch.

I was a little nervous that those rocks were going to fall on top of us.

I can't believe he wanted to hike the day after major dental work, but he was a trooper!

And decided he needed to pull a sneak attack and jump into my picture at the last minute. Ha.

I know, we're darling.

Kayla is so cool.

Isn't the rock formation super cool?

My angelic picture.

Aptly named the "balanced rock."

We are so grateful for both our families and for how much they helped us. In California, we had family members go out and buy medicine, bring us painkillers they had, help us arrange flights, and give Ryan a priesthood blessing--all in the midst of getting ready for a baptism and a family dinner. My family watched the boys, drove with me so I wouldn't fall asleep, and gave us a place to sleep and a place to go for the dental work. It was amazing to see how quickly and willingly our family mobilized to help us out. We're so grateful for the families we've been blessed with!


Cramerifico said...

Yes, you guys are darling!! Glad everything worked out with Ryans tooth. That sounds awful! Oh and nice work with the Gap sale. Amazing!,

kayla said...

Despite the crazy circumstances, it was a fun couple of days and I'm glad I could go with you! :)