Thursday, June 2, 2011

We have a new love.

On Saturday, Ryan's parents and Janelle's girls made a super quick trip to visit us, bring us a bedroom set (thanks!!!! It's our first one, ever), and take home the Camaro so Kent could fix us. Anyway, we managed to pack the day full of fun activities. And Reed has discovered his new favorite place: Jumpin' Jacks.

Jumpin' Jacks is amazing--seriously, it's like every child's dream come true. Basically, it's a gigantic warehouse filled with several different inflatables--from obstacle courses to slides to a castle.I think the hours we spent at Jumpin' Jacks were literally the best of Reed's life. He has asked me every day since if we could go to Jumpin' Jacks with "all his cousins." But I'll let the pictures tell you the rest...

I promise Peyton wasn't mad/having a bad time. Just a little annoyed to have to wait to go down the slide, I think.
Taking a break on the merry-go-round.

Ryan thought it would be fun to try to somersault down the slide. I think it looks pretty painful, personally.

Kamdyn is always such a good helper for Reed.

Obstacle course! Reed is so in the lead.

Zoe decided to take an alternative route into the obstacle course, apparently.



Ryan is braver than I am, and let Reed slide down all by himself. Reed was all about the independence, and wouldn't go accompanied at all after his first taste of freedom.

His face looked like this pretty much the entire day.

I figured it was only fair. Embarrassing picture of Ryan, meet embarrassing picture of Megan.

So fun, right?

After Jumpin' Jacks (I know, it seems like that would be enough fun for one day, right?) we went swimming. Reed loved swimming with the girls and jumped into the pool about 54 times. It was awesome.

We were sad their trip had to be so short, but we had so much fun! Thanks for coming!

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