Monday, June 20, 2011

You saw this coming, right?

 Asher has one. Reed has one. Now Ryan does, too.

After I made Reed's jersey blanket, I still had a pretty good-sized piece of jersey left. Ryan half-joked that I should make a blanket for him, since he loved the jersey so much (he was joking because he didn't want me to have to make him a blanket; serious because he really did want one). So when Father's Day came around, and I didn't know what to get him, I knew I just had to make the blanket.

I found a ridiculous sale on flannel at JoAnn's ($2/yard, woot woot!), which was good because I needed 6 1/2 yards.  Then I secretly got to work. Reed decided that blanket should say "Daddy," not "Dad," so that's what we went with:

Reed spilled the beans about a week before Father's Day when he asked me, "Remember that quilt we are making for Daddy?" right in front of Ryan. Luckily, I played it cool and Ryan forgot about it. Then he almost saw the project when I was working on it at my mom's house. But, despite several close calls, when he finally opened it he was surprised (happy surprised).

Three cheers for blankets!

 And, speaking of Father's Day, look how cute this father is with his boys:

I'm so grateful for Ryan and for the amazing father he is. Our boys are so lucky to have such a caring, thoughtful dad who loves to teach them new things and to play with them. I'm also grateful for both of our dads, who have set great examples for us and have taught us a lot about parenting. Happy Father's Day!

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Jackie said...

Sweet! You've got some skillz, Meg.