Saturday, July 30, 2011

5 years in photos

In 2006...

We met, 

We dated,
We may or may not have broken curfew at BYU a few times,

We got engaged (on the beach at sunset!),

We got married,

And we had all kinds of newlywed fun (like dressing up like crazies):

In 2007...

We went to a lot of concerts (like this one at Kilby Court),

We spent a lot of time at Sizzler,

We spent perhaps more time at school,

We got our first all-sports passes (Go Cougs!),

And we again had fantastic Halloween costumes (senior missionaries):

In 2008...

We got a Wii! (Purchased with change we collected from tips at Sizzler)

Our house grew a gigantic icicle. It almost touched the ground.

 I was finally old enough to vote in a presidential election,

 And we got to meet this little guy:

In 2009...

Clarity x 10!! Our first family vacation,

We both graduated (officially), 

We moved to StG,

Ryan got into grad school,

Reed turned 1,

and we discovered that Reed loves the snow.

In 2010...

We moved to Cedar (Reed helped clean),

Ryan got a Master's Degree,

We went to the Grand Canyon, Snow Canyon, Zion Canyon, and Bryce Canyon,

And we got to meet him:

In 2011...

We moved back to StG (three cheers for jobs!),

We started hiking a lot,
Reed decided to grow up ridiculously quickly,
And Asher followed suit,

We went on a cruise,

And we celebrated.

Here's to five years, and many more to come!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Beware the bumper pads.

Why I love looking at our boys each night before I go to bed:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Box.

I didn't really think much about having to lose baby weight before I had Reed--even in the last few weeks before I had Reed. I just kind of assumed the weight I gained would go away after he was born.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. When Reed hit the three-month mark, I finally packed all my prepregnancy pants, skirts, shorts, and the smallest of the shirts into a big storage bin to make room for some hand-me-downs I had been given that would actually fit. The box went into the back of the closet and stayed there for a long, long time.

By Reed's first birthday, I had actually gained five pounds (despite a pretty decent effort to lose weight). I decided to really make a change. Enter Weight Loss Wednesday. I finally started losing weight and slowly was able to start removing things from the box.

Then we decided to have another baby--and soon enough, everything was back in the box.

After Asher was born, Ryan and I decided to do Weight Watchers and I was amazed to watch the weight I gained come right off. By the time Asher was six months old, I had lost all the weight from both pregnancies and the box was nearly empty of the "skinny" clothes and filling up with the bigger clothes. I was quite excited and extremely proud of myself. Then Ryan and I fell off the wagon a little and my weight loss slowed dramatically, then stopped--but at least it didn't start going back up!

I looked in the box last weekend and realized that there are a mere six items in the box that do not fit. One is the smallest pair of jeans I owned pre-Reed, and the other five are small hand-me-down skirts that I was given between Reed and Asher--so they've never actually fit.

I want to empty the box.

Asher's birthday is in twelve weeks. I think that if I can lose ten pounds, I can empty the box--and if that doesn't do it, I'm going to say the items left in the box aren't actually going to ever fit, and I'll donate them to DI.

12 weeks, 10 pounds. That's my challenge. And here we go!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hitting balls with sticks.

 A few weeks ago, we went golfing with friends (or, as Reed likes to say, "We hit balls with sticks."). Not just any kind of golfing though--we went glow-in-the-dark-mini-golfing. Yep, it was awesome.

Reed was really funny--every time he missed the ball or it didn't go very far he'd say, "uhhhh!!" and go try again. Sometimes, if it took too long to get the ball in the hole, he'd just drop it in (see above). His little friend, Tylee, was much better at golfing than he was, haha.

I think Reed's favorite part about golfing was playing with Tylee on the slide and in the little playhouse after we were done--so we could have saved the money we paid to play golf and just let them hang out for free on the toys. At least we know for next time :) They were having so much fun they couldn't even pause long enough for a picture.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

On Pioneer Day...

Today is Pioneer Day in Utah. On Pioneer Day, we celebrate the thousands of Latter-day Saints who crossed the plains in the 1800s, seeking freedom from religious persecution. They walked hundreds of miles and suffered greatly--from death to extreme sickness, to horrible weather conditions, to starvation. I'm amazed that the pioneers stayed strong and steadfast in their purpose and in their faith in God.

In high school, I had the opportunity to go on a three-day "pioneer trek." With other youth in my church, I was organized into a "family" and we pulled handcarts with all of the meager belongings we were allowed to bring across the desert, camped out, and ate (for the most part) terrible food. I remember thinking how I would have been a horrible pioneer--I was definitely ready to be done after just three days. But I gained a far greater respect for the pioneers who settled the Utah Valley.

I really like this short clip about pioneers because it talks about how we can be pioneers today, too, by being leaders, being committed, and serving God faithfully:
 (The full text of the talk quoted is here.)

To celebrate Pioneer Day, we had a family dinner and did a few fireworks. Reed was too excited to wait for dark to start, so Ryan took him out early to do smoke bombs and poppers. When it finally got dark enough to do fireworks, the rest of us joined them outside:

We had glow necklaces and bracelets on the Fourth of July in California--so as soon as Reed heard we were doing fireworks, he asked, "Oh, and we're going to have glow necklaces?" Apparently having glow sticks is a must for watching fireworks. I went and got him some; because if you're going to do a holiday, you might as well do it right!

 We're grateful for pioneers who have set an example for us, and for modern-day pioneers who continue to set examples for us.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Too hot!

It is so. dang. HOT. How are you supposed to play outside when it's over 100 degrees every day? Yeah, I don't know either. Anyway, last weekend we decided we needed to get out of the house and out of town. So we headed to our favorite nearby non-hot destination: Pine Valley. Pine Valley is only about 40 minutes away, but it's about 15 degrees cooler--hooray!

This picture about sums up our feelings about being inside in non-melting-inducing weather:

We started our venture with a little picnic, followed by playtime in the freezing creek, a short hike, a little more playtime in the freezing creek, and a deer sighting:
Asher behaved as usual during our hike: he slept. And Reed? He was super independent and loved everything about the hike (also as per usual)--especially when Ryan taught him about how you can tell the age of trees by the rings.

On the way home, we stopped in Veyo and got ice cream cones, which is becoming a little tradition any time we go to Pine Valley. We were smarter than we were last time we got ice cream, though, and took off Reed's shirt. Last time it got stained chocolate-brown:

It was still early when we got home, and Asher had napped in the car, so we decided to end the day with a swim in Mando's pool. Reed and Asher love the pool. Ryan and I love the pool. So everyone was happy. The only time I was not happy was when Reed threw something to me, then jumped in after it without telling me. He was under the water for a few terrifying seconds, but thankfully I was right next to him and was able to grab him quickly. He was fine, but we were both a little shaken. I'm grateful that everything turned out okay, but I will certainly keep an even closer eye on Reed next time we go swimming.

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

We love to get wet

Sometimes for Family Home Evening, we just like to play together. This week, we decided to go to one of Reed's favorite places: The Splash Pad.

We started with a ride on the new carousel, which is conveniently located right next to the splash pad.  The first time Reed rode the carousel a few weeks ago, he was a little nervous and not exactly sure how he felt about it. Now, though, he loves it. He's even brave enough to let go with one hand and wave at me (and believe me, this is a big deal for Reed):

We took Asher on the carousel last week, and he was not really impressed. He just sat on the horse and tried to eat Reed's shirt. Turns out that he gets way more enjoyment out of watching Reed ride the carousel than he does actually riding the carousel himself. So that's exactly what he did:

Next we had a picnic of Jimmy John's (subs so fast you'll freak!) And Asher proceeded to get ridiculously messy. Good thing we were planning on getting wet, anyway.

And, finally, we splashed it up. Asher finally likes the splash pad--he found the water too cold for a while--so he had a lot of fun kicking and crawling in the water. And Reed has a new splash pad trick: jumping. For such a small boy, he creates an impressive splash.

After the Splash Pad, we went home, did a little family scripture study, and put our tired boys to bed. I love summer :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Army Style

Here's how Asher is getting around these days. Every day, he gets a little faster! I'm pretty sure my favorite part of this video is when Reed "shows" Asher how to crawl :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Monthly Asher: 9

 9 Month Stats:
Weight: 18 lbs., 13 oz. (just below 25th percentile)
Length: 26.5 in (below 5th percentile)...Dr. H thinks the nurse's measurements were probably a little off, since Asher is so wiggly--we'll re-check next appointment.
Head: 47.5 cm. (90th percentile)

 Giving me grief during picture-taking time.

In the past week, Asher started army crawling, pulling himself up on anything and everything, and cruising along the furniture. It was a big week! 

He's always so excited after nap time.

The other day Asher woke up quite early from his nap. When I realized he wasn't going back down, I went to check on him. I found a bare naked baby laying in a puddle of pee! He had gone to nap in only a diaper (our upstairs does not cool down well), had undone one side of said diaper, and had wiggled out. I was impressed.

The very first time he pulled himself to standing. I'm glad I had a camera!

Asher started standing up between his first and second nap of the day. I was a little surprised; one minute he was playing with toys, the next he was standing up and holding on to the laundry basket! I realized we needed to lower the crib mattress--I certainly didn't want him to fall out. Luckily, Ryan works nearby, so he came home and helped me lower it. While we were putting it down, Asher (who was standing up at the train table) started cruising!
Asher's BFF, the maraca.

Asher loves anything that makes noise when you shake it. He has gotten really good at shaking things and will usually try to shake something when I say, "Shake it!" 


I think it took Asher a while to crawl because he could reach so. dang. far! He would reach so far that his torso would be parallel with the ground--and then sit right back up.

These balls jingle. Asher LOVES them.

Asher also loves hitting things together and hitting his hands on things (like his high chair tray). Often, he will shake, bang, and growl. He's getting quite noisy :)

 One of Asher's favorite places to stand. Notice the tip-toes.

 Asher thinks Reed is super funny. He also thinks he should have anything Reed has. He loves to follow Reed around or try to crawl on Reed or try to take Reed's toys. Reed gets a little frustrated and says, "Asher keeps gettin' me!"

 Multitasking: crawling and carrying his sippy cup in his mouth.

We were at a restaurant one night and Asher would not leave my cup alone--so I put the straw in his mouth to see what he would do. He drank out of it, no big deal! He can drink out of sippy cups with straws, too.

 I love when you can see his smile behind his plug.

Asher now has eight teeth. He is great at chewing things, but is kind of a picky eater. Well, the real problem is that he wants to be in charge! He loves "real" food, because he gets to feed himself.

First popsicle. (Homemade out of juice!) He loved, loved, loved it. 

We've started to put Asher completely in the real tub now--he was in a baby bath chair thing that sat in the real bath. Asher loves it, but he is scary! He is constantly trying to stand up, crawl around, and just move everywhere but where he is. Reed likes it most of the time, but the other day Asher was being especially crazy and Reed asked, "Can we put Asher in the baby bath?"

Love his sweet face.

Asher babbles like crazy, but his favorite thing to do is growl. He and Reed have growling conversations, which is quite funny.

One of his favorite toys.

Asher's hair is out of control! It grows like crazy and generally refuses to lie flat.

Happy nine months, Smash!