Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Adventures in Couponing: Cereal!

Ever since I started couponing--yeah, two whole weeks ago--I've been waiting for a cereal deal. Last week, I thought my day had finally come; but I couldn't get the right coupon online and my hopes were dashed. I kind of forgot about the deal I had missed out on, but then, as I was clipping my coupons last night, I found it. The coupon. For the cereal deal. Hooray!

I knew that most people would have gotten the coupon either last week or the day before I did, though, so I was kind of worried that the cereal I wanted would be gone. So as soon as they boys were awake and Asher was fed, we drove to Smith's. I needed five boxes of cereal to get the deal and--wonder of wonders--there were exactly five boxes of cereal left.  The only problem was that one of the boxes was Corn Pops: gag me. (Sorry if you like Corn Pops. No offense intended.) As I was debating whether it was worth it to just get the Corn Pops so I could get the deal, I spied two more boxes of cereal in the wrong spot on the shelf. Hooray!

I ended up with 5 boxes of cereal we like for $0.67 a box. 79% savings, folks. 79!
And then, on the way home, I realized that I had different coupons that would give me the same deal! Knowing that I had just cleaned the store out and that the sale ended tomorrow, though, I did what any sane couponer would do: I drove back and got a rain check for 10 additional boxes of cereal.  

My bounty (round one, at least!): 


Grace said...

k you gotta start telling me how you do this. people say it's tough to coupon here, but i don't know. i need someone to help me... i've chose you!

(ps) have you seen the deals at staples?

kayla said...

dang girl! not to mention those are my 2 favorite flavors of cereal!!