Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Box.

I didn't really think much about having to lose baby weight before I had Reed--even in the last few weeks before I had Reed. I just kind of assumed the weight I gained would go away after he was born.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. When Reed hit the three-month mark, I finally packed all my prepregnancy pants, skirts, shorts, and the smallest of the shirts into a big storage bin to make room for some hand-me-downs I had been given that would actually fit. The box went into the back of the closet and stayed there for a long, long time.

By Reed's first birthday, I had actually gained five pounds (despite a pretty decent effort to lose weight). I decided to really make a change. Enter Weight Loss Wednesday. I finally started losing weight and slowly was able to start removing things from the box.

Then we decided to have another baby--and soon enough, everything was back in the box.

After Asher was born, Ryan and I decided to do Weight Watchers and I was amazed to watch the weight I gained come right off. By the time Asher was six months old, I had lost all the weight from both pregnancies and the box was nearly empty of the "skinny" clothes and filling up with the bigger clothes. I was quite excited and extremely proud of myself. Then Ryan and I fell off the wagon a little and my weight loss slowed dramatically, then stopped--but at least it didn't start going back up!

I looked in the box last weekend and realized that there are a mere six items in the box that do not fit. One is the smallest pair of jeans I owned pre-Reed, and the other five are small hand-me-down skirts that I was given between Reed and Asher--so they've never actually fit.

I want to empty the box.

Asher's birthday is in twelve weeks. I think that if I can lose ten pounds, I can empty the box--and if that doesn't do it, I'm going to say the items left in the box aren't actually going to ever fit, and I'll donate them to DI.

12 weeks, 10 pounds. That's my challenge. And here we go!


Liz Cuillard said...

You can do it! Ugh, post pregnancy weight is the worst. Why can't the baby just pop out and take the additional 40 lbs of weight gain with it? :) Good luck!

Mandi said...

Good for you girl! You can do it! I'm here to cheer for you...and to find the motivation for myself. :)

Hilary F. said...

Megan, I'm right there with ya!
Owen turned 3 months last week and I started a diet/exercise program this week. My goal is 17 pounds by the end of the year, so a little more gradual but I'm hoping that will help keep it off for good!

Kim said...

You go woman! I need some serious motivation in this department!

Cassie said...

Good job getting that box almost empty!! And good luck with the next 10 lbs. We are working on that up here as well so I'll be checking in for motivation.