Wednesday, July 13, 2011


On Sunday, I was sick--sick enough that I stayed home from church. Ryan was also sick--sick enough that he went to Sacrament Meeting and to teach his Sunday School class, then came home. Thankfully, neither Asher nor Reed were sick; but that was both a blessing and a curse. Blessing: having sick kids is simply not fun. Curse: our not-sick kids had all their regular levels of energy, while our energy reserves were sapped.

After Reed's nap, he was so bored. He kept asking, "What should I do now, Mommy? What should I do now?" Every idea I suggested, though, did not sound fun to him because I would not be accompanying him in his play (he really needs to learn to play by himself).  Finally, I landed on an idea that would require minimal effort from me and create minimal mess yet would still be fun: hats.

 We started with a hat for Reed; then he insisted I have a hat, too.

Then Daddy and Asher had to have hats, too, of course.
(This is what I look like when I'm sick. I was going to take a picture of the hats, only, but then realized I was being a geek for caring so much about how I looked. So here you go.)

Reed seemed to find it necessary to cover Asher with two blankets. No one knows why.

Asher proceeded to consume his hat.

 And Reed wore his for basically the rest of the day.

Now who has fantastic toddler game/craft ideas for me so that next time I'm sick (or today, when I'm still sick) Reed will have something awesome to do?


Mandi said...

Sorry you guys are sick. Hope you feel better. I'll try to think of some ideas for you. :) Oh and you probably get sick of hearing this because I say it about like every picture of Asher. But love that kid and his super happy all the time face!

ashley said...

my friend has a toddler and she is always doing cute craft ideas: homemade bubble paint (mix soap with poster paint),watered-down paint into a spray bottle, bird feeder, paint plant pots. just a few ideas!

Megan said...