Saturday, July 2, 2011

Do you ever feel like you can't do a blog post without a picture? I do. But we are out of town, so I don't have any pictures available--so feel free to stop reading now that you know that this is a picture-less post.
Funny things today:

1. Reed's cousin Matthew came out of the playroom tonight and said, "I have already trained him in the art of warfare." (Referring to Reed.) Should I be worried?

2. I took Reed to the bathroom tonight before he went to bed. I told him I needed to go, too, and he said, "You can go in the bathtub." I explained that we didn't go potty in the tub and he started taunting me: "Just do it, Mommy. Do it." Talk about peer pressure! I felt so uncool for having no desire to pee in the tub.

3. This may or may not be too much potty talk (Where do you draw that line?), but while I was using the bathroom, Reed asked me if my pee came out of my bum or my pee-pee machine. Nice. Then, when he saw the toilet paper, he said, "The tissue is swimmin'!"

4. Asher ate a piece of paper. Both Ryan and I tried to retrieve the paper from Asher's mouth, but he bit our fingers so hard we decided to just let him have it (Yeah, we're thinking about teaching a parenting class). He literally almost drew blood. My finger throbbed for an hour.

5. Reed told the story of Nephi and the boat by himself tonight for scriptures. Apparently, after Nephi built the boat "with his hands" (hand actions included), the whole family swam across the ocean. I bet they were wondering why they built that boat, anyway.

6. Reed dropped a bite of ice cream on his shorts tonight and used his spoon to scoop it back up and eat it. Waste not, want not.

I love my life.


Mandi said...

Okay I feel the same way about pictures like I'm not allowed to post without pictures haha. Anyways this post was quite entertaining so thank you for that. And especially number 3 made me sit here and LOL all to myself...thanks to Reed & his pee pee machine :)

Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

lol, those were all great stories. thanks for sharing. seriously, didn't even need pics to make them exciting:)

Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

PS - I just saw your last post. (Sorry, I've been a blog slacker for the last few weeks and am catching up. Didn't mean to not comment for so long!) Anyway, wow. Reed IS so grown up. And what a little stud he is.

Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

PSS - Yep, it's me again. Just wanted to know if you can teach me your couponing tricks? I'm amazed at your savings. I haven't done much since you visited and we had that chat, but I totally want to get going. I need your help!

Grandpa Jack said...

No need to worry about the warfare....we need a few "stripling warriors" these days!

Megan said...

Thanks guys! I didn't know you commented on blogs now, dad :) And Lynnie, we totally should coupon together! I'll let you know how it goes