Monday, July 18, 2011

The Monthly Asher: 9

 9 Month Stats:
Weight: 18 lbs., 13 oz. (just below 25th percentile)
Length: 26.5 in (below 5th percentile)...Dr. H thinks the nurse's measurements were probably a little off, since Asher is so wiggly--we'll re-check next appointment.
Head: 47.5 cm. (90th percentile)

 Giving me grief during picture-taking time.

In the past week, Asher started army crawling, pulling himself up on anything and everything, and cruising along the furniture. It was a big week! 

He's always so excited after nap time.

The other day Asher woke up quite early from his nap. When I realized he wasn't going back down, I went to check on him. I found a bare naked baby laying in a puddle of pee! He had gone to nap in only a diaper (our upstairs does not cool down well), had undone one side of said diaper, and had wiggled out. I was impressed.

The very first time he pulled himself to standing. I'm glad I had a camera!

Asher started standing up between his first and second nap of the day. I was a little surprised; one minute he was playing with toys, the next he was standing up and holding on to the laundry basket! I realized we needed to lower the crib mattress--I certainly didn't want him to fall out. Luckily, Ryan works nearby, so he came home and helped me lower it. While we were putting it down, Asher (who was standing up at the train table) started cruising!
Asher's BFF, the maraca.

Asher loves anything that makes noise when you shake it. He has gotten really good at shaking things and will usually try to shake something when I say, "Shake it!" 


I think it took Asher a while to crawl because he could reach so. dang. far! He would reach so far that his torso would be parallel with the ground--and then sit right back up.

These balls jingle. Asher LOVES them.

Asher also loves hitting things together and hitting his hands on things (like his high chair tray). Often, he will shake, bang, and growl. He's getting quite noisy :)

 One of Asher's favorite places to stand. Notice the tip-toes.

 Asher thinks Reed is super funny. He also thinks he should have anything Reed has. He loves to follow Reed around or try to crawl on Reed or try to take Reed's toys. Reed gets a little frustrated and says, "Asher keeps gettin' me!"

 Multitasking: crawling and carrying his sippy cup in his mouth.

We were at a restaurant one night and Asher would not leave my cup alone--so I put the straw in his mouth to see what he would do. He drank out of it, no big deal! He can drink out of sippy cups with straws, too.

 I love when you can see his smile behind his plug.

Asher now has eight teeth. He is great at chewing things, but is kind of a picky eater. Well, the real problem is that he wants to be in charge! He loves "real" food, because he gets to feed himself.

First popsicle. (Homemade out of juice!) He loved, loved, loved it. 

We've started to put Asher completely in the real tub now--he was in a baby bath chair thing that sat in the real bath. Asher loves it, but he is scary! He is constantly trying to stand up, crawl around, and just move everywhere but where he is. Reed likes it most of the time, but the other day Asher was being especially crazy and Reed asked, "Can we put Asher in the baby bath?"

Love his sweet face.

Asher babbles like crazy, but his favorite thing to do is growl. He and Reed have growling conversations, which is quite funny.

One of his favorite toys.

Asher's hair is out of control! It grows like crazy and generally refuses to lie flat.

Happy nine months, Smash!


Kim said...

yeah, he's realllly cute!

Traci M said...

He has just the cutest little smile!

Karm said...

Your son is too adorable. I love your photos. I miss my sons when they were this age.

Mandi said...

Oh my gosh that kid is cute! He's really growing up. I mean seriously he's starting to look more like a toddler than a baby. And he's doing so much now. Crazy kid.