Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Monthly Reed: 31

 He is obsessed with this Elmo costume from Grandma's house.

We thought Reed was independent before, but lately he has found an entirely new level of independence. He doesn't want help with anything. The phrase I hear most often throughout the day is, "I got it, I got it."

Along with his increased independence has come a little attitude. He thinks he's in charge and is always disappointed to find out he's not. We've learned that Reed can scream really, really loudly. But, he's generally good and we're hoping he outgrows this phase soon :)

  Always the helper--here he is helping Grandpa Jack open birthday presents.

When there is something Reed wants to do, he prefaces it with, "I was thinkin' if we could..."

 Kisses for brother.

Reed loves Asher. He loves to feed Asher, to give him kisses, to get toys for him...the list goes on and on. He also likes to translate for Asher ("Mommy, Asher just said he wants you.") and finds Asher quite comical ("Mommy Asher just went "GrrRRrrRA!" Isn't that funny?)

 Love this little smile.

Reed has been extra clingy lately. He has a really, really hard time when we drop him off for nursery--as in he throws a full-blown fit. Once we leave, though, he cries for about ten seconds more and is fine for the rest of nursery.

Reed + Grandpa

Reed loves being outside. He wants to play outside all day, every day, but it is too hot here to go out in the afternoons--which doesn't make him happy. He loves hiking and is always asking, "Remember when we went on that hike? Should we go again? On Friday?"  Other outside favorites include the park, the splash pad, the pool, and the grassy area by our house where he likes to play "1,2,3,4,5,6,7!" (Basically, he counts to seven, then we run down a small hill. Then we walk up and do it again.)

"Scary Eyes"

Reed has this funny thing he does that we like to call "Scary Eyes." he looks up at you from under his eyebrows (see above) and thinks it is the funniest. thing. EVER. if you do it back.
Reed has a friend! Her name is Tylee and he loves playing with her. I'm just glad he's capable of making a friend--he's always been so shy and really has a hard time warming up to and playing with other kids. His willingness and even desire to play with Tylee gives me hope for the future!

With his "water shwirters." Yep, they match his shirt. Unintentionally, of course.

We love our Reed!


Jackie said...

That Elmo picture is KILLING me. What a cute kid!

Mandi said...

Aw luv him! Thanks for sharing all the cute REedisms...