Saturday, September 17, 2011

I take a lot of pictures.

Our Nikon has been out of commission for a while (I may or may not have dropped it...), and I have missed it dearly. I knew I needed to send it in to get fixed, but I stalled because I was a little worried that the quote we'd get back for the repair would be more than I could part with, being the tight-wad that I am.

$180 and a few weeks later, our Nikon came back, as good as new. Luckily, the boys happened to be awake when I found it on our doorstep, and it was overcast (meaning not too bright or ridiculously hot) outside, so I dragged them out to our little grassy patch and snapped pictures to my heart's content.

As I was looking through the pictures after our photo-sesh, I remembered how much better pictures look when I take them on our Nikon as compared to our six-year-old Kodak (due to no extra effort or skill of my own). And I thought, Maybe I should actually learn how to use this thing, like I planned to when we bought it two years ago. Because imagine the possibilities if I knew more than how to set it on "auto," then point and shoot.

One day.

 "Peace, Mommy."

"Let's take pictures of my guys!"

And, by the way, Blogger is not currently my friend. These photos are rotated to the proper orientation, but Blogger keeps turning them sideways. Sigh. Am I posting them anyway? Of course.


Mandi said...

Looks like fun at your house! I need to send my poor broken camera in...I'm just afraid it will cost alot. :(

Christy said...

I want to get a wonderful camera someday. Until then...

When blogger turns your pictures sideways, just save your picture opposite the way blogger turns it, then save it as a copy. When you upload the photo, it will face the right direction.