Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The following pictures do not adequately portray our egg-dying experience.
In the pictures, you can't hear Asher yelling, "Ball! Ball! BALL!" and getting upset every time he was not either holding an egg or attempting to chuck it into a cup of egg dye. In the pictures, you can't see the copious amounts of egg dye that soaked through the cotton tablecloth (my bad) and appeared to stain the top of the table as well as the majority of Asher's body (don't worry, both cleaned up fantastically). In the pictures, you can't see the cracks that covered most of the eggs by the time Asher was finished with them. It was, in short, a debacle.

Reed did have a great time, though. His only complaint was that we stopped so quickly because of his brother's antics.

And we did cap off the night with lime sherbet freezes, so that was a plus.
I'm thinking next year's egg dying attempt might go a little more smoothly. Hopefully.

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