Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter 2012

I knew it was going to be a good morning when Reed ran out his room yelling, "He came! The Easter Bunny brought me eggs!" It was particularly nice to see Reed running because he had sprained his ankle Friday and spent Friday and Saturday refusing to walk. Good to know that he will run for candy. Anyway, the clever bunny had left an egg inside his room on the door handle so Reed would be sure to see it. Smart planning, bunny.

A few minutes after Reed ran out of his room, we heard little brother talking in his room. Ryan got Asher out of his bed. This is what my first glimpse of Asher and Reed were like, upon exiting their rooms:
How can you not love the bed-headed, sleepy-eyed boys pumped about Easter eggs?

We commenced the hunt immediately. Asher was surprisingly awesome at finding Easter eggs. I was expecting to have to point them out to him, then coax them out of his hand and into the basket (that was basically our experience with Reed at the same age). But Asher was all over the egg hunting game. He saw eggs that Reed didn't even notice.
(Don't let the egg by the open potty gross you out. The potty had been closed and the egg hadn't been hiding there that long. Just sayin'...)

Reed was also super pumped about finding eggs. He kept making comments about how tricky or silly the bunny is. And he was beyond excited to find an entire box of "nerns" in his Easter basket.
We paused mid-search to check out the carrot plate--grown in our garden, by the way--to find it empty and to empty our baskets, blitzkrieg style.

And the hunt commenced again, this time outside. When we dyed eggs, Asher was crazy with them. But during the hunt, he was surprisingly gentle. And willing to actually put them in the carton. Weird.
In the excitement of the egg hunt/basket dump, Asher hadn't noticed the Curious George movie in his basket. When he did find it later, though, he marched over to Ryan and I, yelling, "Geeeeesh!!!! Geeessshhhh!" (That is an approximation of his pronunciation of the word "George.") We let the boys watch them movie while Reed iced his sprained ankle (a little over-exertion, surprise, surprise), then we spent some time talking about Jesus and why we really celebrate Easter.
I think the picture above adequately portrays their post-adrenline let down after the egg hunt.

After naps, we went to church. I wasn't really able to get a successful shot of the boys together, but you have to applaud my effort.
A better outcome:

And if Reed weren't giving the camera the stink eye and Asher eating his hand, this would be a winner:

I'm grateful we had the opportunity to go to church on Easter Sunday and to teach the boys about Christ. I must admit, the excitement of Easter morning and the bunny is probably what stood out to them--but I hope as they get older we can help them understand more deeply what we really celebrate on Easter. I'm grateful that Christ was resurrected and know that He lives. I read this talk by President Gordon B. Hinckley after the boys went to bed on Easter Sunday. It ends by quoting the song "My Redeemer Lives," also by President Hinckley (Hymns, no. 135):

I know that my Redeemer lives,
Triumphant Savior, Son of God,
Victorious over pain and death,
My King, my Leader, and my Lord.
He lives, my one sure rock of faith,
The one bright hope of men on earth,
The beacon to a better way,
The light beyond the veil of death.
Oh, give me thy sweet Spirit still,
The peace that comes alone from thee,
The faith to walk the lonely road
That leads to thine eternity.

I hope that I can become a better example of Christ to my children and can encourage them to look to Him--and to know that he lives.

Happy Easter!


kayla said...

The very first picture of Ash is the best thing I've ever seen!! And you all look dapper in your Sunday best :)

Kylee said...

Where did you get their sweaters? So adorable matching!!!