Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Monthly Asher: 18

Enjoying a snack outside.

First, a few stats:
Weight: 24 lbs. 3 oz. (25th percentile)
Height: 31 in. (20th percentile)
Head: 49 cm. (90th percentile)
Interstingly--to me, at least--at the same age Reed was 1 oz. bigger, .25 in. taller, and had exactly the same head size.

Asher's vocabulary has started to explode. He is starting to try to copy many of the words we say and has added a ton of his words to his everyday vocabulary. He is also (occasionally) using two words together. Not so much as a sentence, but like two related thoughts, e.g. "Uh-oh. Daddy." Or "Mommy. Night-night."

 Little cheeser.

Every time I mention Grandma or Grandpa Asher starts yelling, "Coco! Kay Kay! Kay Kay! Coco Coco Coco! Kay Kay!" Coco is Grandma and Grandpa's dog and Kayla is their daughter (and his aunt) and he is alway so, so pumped to see them. He also starts this Coco/Kay Kay chant when we get close to their house and when we see their house.

I call Asher "Lee" sometimes (weird, yes), and can be heard saying, "Uh-oh Lee" quite frequently. Asher has started saying, "Uh-oh Yee" when he has an uh-oh. He also says, "Uh-oh Geeeesh! (George)" and now says, "Uh-oh Geeeesh!" almost exclusively.
Playing with brother's easel--he loves the eraser.

Asher has a few issues with issues with eczema. During a particularly bad flare-up, we had to put his prescription strength lotion on twice a day and regular lotion once or twice, as well. There was one spot on his arm that was the worst. Now, every time I mention "lotion" he holds out his arm and points at it until I lotion it thoroughly.

We went to Colorado to visit Nick, Lynnie, Cole, and Maliya, and Asher fell in love with Cole. Anytime Cole wasn't next to him, he'd walk around yelling, "Cole! Cole!" until he found Cole. And since we've left, he's continued to request Cole.

Reed got a bad owie (I don't remember what happened) and sweet Asher went and lay down on Reed to give him a love. When Reed sprained his ankle a few days later, Asher was very concerned and frequently gave Reed love to help him feel better.

Asher has fallen in love with Curious George. He loves the books, loves the stuffed George that happens to be Reed's favorite stuffed animal, and loves the George episodes on PBS. He tries to say, "George," but it sounds like, "Geeeessh!!!" And it's always, always, yelled.  He recognizes the books by their yellows spines and if we walk past the books in the library, he yells, "Geeeesh!" and runs back to grab a George book or two.

To wash the Reed's hair, I have him lay down cradled on my arm in the tub, then pour a cup of water through his hair until we get all the shampoo out. I used to just pour the water through Asher's hair while he was sitting up--until he got a little jealous of Reed and wanted to start lying down, too. So I let him start lying down and he loved it! He smiles while I wash his hair, then points to different parts of his body (arms, legs, belly, etc.) that he wants me to pour water on. The one problem is that before I'm ready for him, he'll say, "Night night" and try to lay in the bath himself. We keep an even closer eye on him now.

Asher loves Mickey and is especially infatuated with these Mickey ears.  When he wants to wear them, or any hat, he rubs his head until I get the hint.

After our trip to Provo, Asher became super excited about pictures. He will generally pose with a cheesy smile and loves to yell, "Cheeeeeeese!!" every time he sees a camera. He will even say "Cheese" for Reed's little camera--and pretend cameras.

Asher is almost constantly in possession of a ball and has started doing a few tricks. His favorite is to lay across our biggest ball (about as tall as his belly button) and to roll over the top of it.

Carrying his beloved bubbles around the house.

Asher has become quite daring. I think, partially, because he thinks he can do everything Reed can do. Anyway, lately at the park he climbs everything. He can climb a ladder that is taller then my head--I have to reach as high as I can to spot him. It's a little bit crazy to see this tiny boy climbing so high!

Asher is finally interested in his spoon and has gone from being just interested to being proficient! It's so nice--he's still messy, but much less so. He thinks forks are funny and uses his fingers to try to get food to stick to the end.

Headed to the garden. He loves playing in the dirt, so he's a big fan of the garden.

Lately, Asher loves the bubbles in the bathtub. He requests them every time we climb in and has taken to carrying an empty bubble bottle around the house. He thinks bubbles are a lot of fun.

Ryan has started calling Asher "OCD baby" jokingly because Asher is in love with washing his hands. Any time he hears the water running or sees someone washing their hands, he has to wash his hands, as well.

I know I already posted a picture in Mickey ears--but they were both too cute to only post one. I love his pretty eyes and his cheesy smile!

Asher has started saying, "Daddy" and "Mommy" in place of "Dada" and "Mama." He refers to me as "Mama" usually and sometimes as "Mommy," and has basically stopped using "Dada" altogether in favor of "Daddy." He has started calling Ryan "Daddy-o," as well, which is really cute.
Asher loves cars and calls anything that has wheels (bike, lawnmower, train, etc.) a car. He has started yelling, "Go!" then taking a car and zooming it across the floor. He will also say, "Go!" before he goes down a slide or takes off running through the house

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