Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Monthly Reed: 40

I think I have a cheese-face picture like this on almost every monthly post I do. It's his go-to pose for pictures.

Reed makes me laugh pretty much every day. One of his catch phrases of late that I find particularly cute is "I am so super pumped about this!" He says it at least five times a day. He gets super pumped a lot, apparently.

Ryan disassembled our table a few days before we moved...which turned out to be about two weeks before we moved. Anyway, the boys loved having picnics at the Buzz-Woody table and at the picnic table Ryan built.

Reed and Asher have had sharing issues lately. Well, they've always had sharing issues, but the issues have been escalating since Asher got more vocal, stronger, and more opinionated. Anyway, we've had several talks with Reed about being a big brother, sharing, etc., and we are finally seeing some progress. He doesn't share all the time, but I think he's starting to understand that if he lets Asher have the first turn, Reed gets the second and longer turn. Sometimes, too, he surprises me and shares his favorite toys with Asher without being asked.

Doing a trick.

Reed really, really loves doing school. I originally planned to do school with him three times a week. But he loves it so much that we do it every day. When he comes out from quiet time, the first thing he asks is, "Can we do school now?" He is learning a lot and impresses me with how much knowledge he retains. I'm glad he loves learning.

Building a "Handy Manny Phone." I'm not exactly sure how a Handy Manny Phone differs from a regular phone.

One day I said "sorry" to Reed and he responded, "Oh, don't you mean 'you're bad'?"

Reed's hair got quite long and started going super curly if we scrunched it with a little gel. He fell in love with his curls and requests "curlies" every day. He thinks he looks super cute.

One day Reed threw a ball at me. I didn't even ask him why--because it's something that happens often enough--but he explained anyway: "Throwing a ball at you is how I say, 'Mommy, can I please have a piece of cheese?'" At least he threw the "please" in there.

I've just always loved his feet in flip flops. They're still chubby.

Reed had asked me a few days in a row to move his car seat right next to Asher's so they could hold hands and cuddle. It is a little bit of  a pain to get them in the car with one of them in the middle, but it was a really sweet request, so I complied. I didn't think Asher would hold Reed's hand--but I was wrong. They held hands basically every car ride for about two weeks. Then the novelty wore off. But it was so sweet while it lasted!
Reed found these "seeds" in the backyard. He's been waiting very, very patiently to plant them.

Reed learned how to unbuckle himself in the car. It happened by accident; he and Ryan were driving somewhere when suddenly Reed was saying, "Uh-oh, Daddy! Uh-oh, Daddy! I unbuckled!" They pulled over, rebuckled, and had a chat about unbuckling. Since then, Reed has not unbuckled himself once when he was not supposed to. He waits until we stop, then asks if he can unbuckle. We didn't tell him he needed to ask, but he explained that he likes to ask, "Just in case." What a  good boy.
I was taking pictures of Asher doing a trick and Reed wanted to compete--this is what he came up with.

This year's Primary theme at church is "Choose the Right." We've been trying to point out to Reed when he chooses the right so he can better understand what he's learning at church. One day, I told Reed "thank you" for sharing with Asher and he responded, "Hey Mommy! I know what I was doing! I was choosing the right!" He was so excited. Since then, he's realized a few times he is choosing the right and is always excited to do so.

Reed's favorite feature of our new house--his bunk bed.

Reed is beyond excited to have a bed with a ladder. Whenever anyone comes over, he takes them directly to his room to show off his bed--even if they've seen it several times before. For the first week after it was built he asked me several times a day if he could just go play in his room. I love it, too!

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