Friday, April 6, 2012

St. Patty's Day

Reed was having a hard time remembering what we did last year--the only thing he did remember was that the leprechaun went under the bridge to his Thomas train, which I had forgotten--so I showed him pictures. Once he saw the pictures, he got super, super excited. He was so excited, in fact, that we started celebrating a day early. Luckily, his St. Patrick's Day shirt from last year still fit:

We learned about the letter "G" for school that week, so we decided it would be fun to make green rice krispie treats. We even shaped them like shamrocks--aren't we crafty? And Asher was more than happy to eat green rice krispie treats:

We were having pizza the night before St. Patty's, so we decided to make the dough green. A few drops of green food coloring is definitely worth Reed's happiness. Both boys helped roll out the dough--flour was everywhere!

And when Daddy got home, he and Reed set to work building a leprechaun trap. Luckily, we had a lot of boxes lying around.

Ryan designed the windows, and Reed thought $$ signs and green paintings would lure the leprechaun in. We also baited him with a few coins.

I left early the morning of St. Patrick's Day to volunteer at a 10k with the young women in my ward. I missed out on the leprechaun fun, but luckily the pictures tell the story pretty well.

Ryan said that Reed was so excited when Reed came downstairs and climbed into bed with Ryan. He had passed the shamrock/star path on his way down the stairs and couldn't wait to follow it. First they checked the trap:
No luck! Sneaky leprechaun got out and escaped out the front door.

He did eat the shamrock rice krispie we left for him. And he left a few chocolate coins behind. Apparently Reed didn't really realize the coins were chocolate inside--he didn't care about them at all until hours later, when we let him eat one. (By the way, the note was all Reed's idea and completely composed by him.)

The path led to the fridge, where the leprechaun had dyed our milk green. Oh my!

Luckily the path led upstairs next, because someone else had woken up, too:

Reed loved following the trail--it was kind of like a treasure hunt, and he loves treasure hunts!

 Surprisingly, Asher was quite pumped, too!

 He even helped pick up the shamrocks and put them into the bucket.

Mr. Leprechaun took a detour to the bathroom, where he dyed the toilet water blue! (It was late...oops!) Ryan told Reed that the leprechaun wanted Reed to add yellow pee to the blue water to make it green. Good save, Ryan.

And finally, the leprechaun left a note on Reed's easel that wished him a Happy St. Patrick's Day. After I got home from the 10k, we did a lot of unpacking, ate some green food, and had a lovely St. Patrick's Day.

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Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

You guys are so fun! And I love that Reed came up with the car idea all on his own.