Thursday, May 31, 2012


A friend of mine mentioned the eclipse on facebook. I consider myself to be almost completely uninformed when it comes to anything news-related (I know, I know--but Ryan tells me about all the most important things), so I wasn't surprised that I hand't heard about if before. Anyway, apparently Southern Utah was one of the best places in the entire world to view the eclipse. I knew we had to do it. We bought our Ecplisers (special glasses that prevent eye damage--good idea), met up with Auntie Mandi, and went to our church to watch the show. Our church happens to be on top of one of the two hills on town--what luck.
Mandi, Ryan, and the boys

We arrived about an hour early so we could watch the progress of the eclipse. I must say, it was super cool to watch the moon slowly encroach upon the sun. Every few minutes, Reed would whip on his Eclipsers, look at the sun, and say, "Guys! This is so cool! You have to see it!!!!"

We look so good.

And then we saw it: the ring of fire. It was amazing. I tried to take a picture with my phone, through my Eclipsers--surprisingly, it didn't really turn out.

We capped the night off with brownie sundaes at home. Yummmmm. The next day, Reed drew this picture and told me it was "the eclipse:"

And now he keeps asking me when we'll see the eclipse again. Apparently it's time to become an astronomy fan.

Adventures in Couponing: Here's one from the boys

A few days before Mother's Day, I took the boys to Story Time at the library. We read stories about moms, then the boys got to make a little coupon card for me. You know how I love coupons. Reed came up with the items I could redeem the coupon for. First, he came up with his: "Clean up my room." Cute, and a little surprising.
Then he came up with Asher's: "Help Reed clean his room." I'm not sure who benefits most from that--but I'll take it.


Uncle Kenny and family came in town for Kayla's graduation and our family excursion. While they were here, they came to check out our new house. When they saw the number of lizards in our yard (tons), Kenny was determined to catch one. And he did so in literally about three minutes. The little boys were super pumped. Kody was the first to wear the lizard:

And somewhat shockingly, Reed donned the lizard, too--more out of a desire to be like Kody, I think, than to actually have a lizard on his shoulder.

After about 30 seconds, he was done.

We tried to put the lizard on Smash, but he brushed it off in about 5 seconds. Maybe when he's older.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Living in the moment today

1. Reed got to sing for the first time ever with the primary in sacrament today. It was pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen. He was the littlest one and his chin was just barely above the little half wall. He didn't know the songs very well, but he did sing every few words or phrases. I got a little teary!

2. I played Handy Manny with Reed and Asher while Ryan made dinner tonight. We used every one of Reed's tools to fix the train table. It is now quite sturdy.

3. Asher marched up to me and held out a DVD case and a remote. He didn't say anything, but his desire was quite apparent!

4. The first thing Reed did when I picked him up from Primary was to wordlessly hand me the picture he'd made (which he does every week). He then waited for me to heap on the praise before he said anything.

5. Asher napped, Reed quiet timed, and Ryan and I got to cuddle and watch a movie.

Mother's Day

I have been super grumpy lately, which stems mainly from being super tired. My problem: I go to bed really late every night and then am really surprised when I feel exhausted when Reed comes in for his daily wake up call. I know the solution is simple: go to bed! But I just can't seem to pull it off.

Back to the grumpiness, though. When I am grumpy, the boys feed off my grumpiness and they become grumpy, too. Then we all drive each other a little bit crazy until Ryan, the only remaining non-grump, comes home from work. After that, things go pretty smoothly and then suddenly the boys are in bed and it's time to accomplish a thing or two before the end of the day.

Ryan has been really sick. Yesterday was a long day. In an attempt to retain a little sanity, I took the stir crazy boys to the pool and left Ryan home to rest--and play the drums he just finished building. The boys and I had so much fun at the pool. It was the most fun the three of us have had all week. At one point the two of them were playing with the jets in the pool and I was standing in front of them, really looking at them. And wondering how often I miss out on just stopping for a minute and watching them. I feel like I'm do busy all the time and have so much to do that I rarely take the opportunity to just stop. I soaked in their sweetness and felt so full of love for these two precious little boys I have.

A few days ago, Ryan asked me if I get bored being at home with the boys all day. And while I do sometimes feel I don't accomplish much day-to-day other than keeping us clothed, fed, and mostly clean, and trying to squeeze a teaching moment or two in during the day, I'm so grateful I can stay at home with my boys. Yes, they sometimes drive me crazy. But mostly they overwhelm me with their sweetness, their imaginations, and their every accomplishment. I'm so grateful to be a mother.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


A few weeks ago, I was with Asher in his room when I heard a thump and a wail from Reed's room. I rushed in to find him in a heap on the floor, sobbing. I assumed it was his head and was really worried--I couldn't get him to calm down enough to tell me what had happened. When I finally got him somewhat settled--but still whimpering and crying--I got a few facts: he fell while he was climbing down the ladder on his bunk bed and his foot hurt.

My dad is a physical therapist, so I consider myself somewhat of an expert in the field (ha). In reality, I didn't want to sound dumb when I called my dad. So I performed a few preliminary tests: Could he move his toes? Yes. Did is hurt when I touched his foot? No. Maybe. He thought yes. No. Could he rotate his ankle? Kind of, but it hurt. And finally, could he flex his toes? Who knows. He couldn't figure out what I meant, even when I showed him. I did get a half-hearted, confused kind-of flex, and he couldn't decide if it hurt or not.

Next, I went with what I think is every physical therapist's go-to answer: ice it. And finally, I called my dad. Sadly, he was out of town and couldn't make a house call. But he gave a fantastic phone consultation. I was pretty proud of myself for performing each test he mentioned...until my dad asked if Reed could walk on his ankle. Whoops. After trying to get him to hobble around, I was worried. I didn't know if it really hurt that badly or if Reed was just unwilling to walk on it. Anyway, my dad told us to ice it, give him ibuprofen, and to call back in a few hours.

Ryan came home because, despite my initial calm, I was kind of freaking out. And he was almost done with work anyway. I busied myself looking up our insurance coverage for instacare (my dad had mentioned the possibility of X-rays) and calling the doctor's office to see if they did X-rays in-office. Ryan finally coaxed a few steps out of Reed, and we went swimming to keep Reed's mind off the pain.

Reed's ankle turned out to be only sprained, thank goodness, but poor boy was just not willing to walk. We spent a lot of time watching movies, icing, and playing games we could do sitting down. Reed wouldn't walk anywhere. Asher was so concerned--he stayed right by Reed and kept giving him hugs.

Two days after the incident was Easter. I was kind of sad, thinking Reed wouldn't be able to hunt eggs. But I think Easter cured his unwillingness to walk. He was so excited he kept trying to run--which would end up as this ridiculously cute hobble with his bad foot sideways. His foot improved drastically and by Tuesday he was back to normal.

Our first bunk bed incident: check. Thank goodness it was a easy one.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Asher had a rough night of sleep a few days ago, so I wasn't surprised when he woke up grumpy. When a friend invited us to the splash pad, I decided to go, knowing it would cheer him up. Wrong. Asher wouldn't leave my side and was grumpy the entire time. At one point, Reed got hurt, so I passed Asher to another mom with me and he cuddled with her. Asher doesn't normally cuddle with anyone. And he is super reserved around the mom who was holding him, even though we see her all the time. Then he fell asleep in my arms during the two minute walk to the car. Super out of character. He woke up when we got home, but ate lunch with his head laying on his tray. I wasn't surprised when he woke up with a fever. Poor worn-out baby:

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Splash Pad

Reed has been asking to go to the splash pad since January. Thankfully, the city started turning the splash pad water on again a few months ago and we've already made several trips. One of Reed's favorite parts are the new frogs that spit water:

Asher carries around his "bubble"--he calls water and anything water-related "bubble"--and giggles.

Sometimes we bring a picnic along--and our friend Flat Stanley, too.

We also like to bring real friends along, like our friend Tylee.

And if I remember to bring cash, we ride the carousel.

The best part of the splash pad aftermath is the great naps that generally result from a trip there. Asher fell asleep in the car clutching Mickey and stayed that way for the next few hours.

We love the splash pad!

Friday, May 4, 2012


Asher started calling Ryan "Daddy-o" a few weeks ago--I'm not really sure where he picked it up. Anyway, he walks around all day yelling, "Daddy-o! Daddy-o? Daddy-o!" looking for Ryan. If Asher finds something that belongs to Ryan, he brings it to me and yells, "Daddy-o!" until I acknowledge that it's Ryan's. And he is so excited when Ryan comes home. A few days ago he wasn't feeling well and woke up a little early. We brought him in bed with us and he cuddled up to Daddy-o and fell right to sleep. And then my heart melted.


We have been thinking about buying a bike for Reed for a few weeks--and we finally did it. There isn't a ton of concrete in our backyard and we live on a huge hill, so we've ventured to a nearby school a few times to try it out. At first, it was pretty tricky, but Reed is really starting to figure it out. Watching him learn something new is always exciting and a little rewarding. Asher has been cruising around on Reed's old bike and thinks he is pretty cool, too.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Teenagers & Tiaras

My little sister, Kayla, has been extra awesome lately. She recently decided to compete in the Miss St. George pageant. When I saw her at the pageant, I was so amazed. She's so beautiful, talented, and poised. I wouldn't have had the confidence to do something like that when I was in high school--or now, for that matter. And was I surprised when she won Second Attendant? Well, I was surprised she wasn't crowned Princess. But I wasn't surprised she had done so well. You're amazing, Kay.
 My mom made that dress, by the way. I know, right?

Proud family. And yes, I am short!

Congrats, beautiful girl!

The Monthly Reed: 41

Reed has grown very attached to three little happy meal toys we got on our trip to Colorado. One is a little airplane, and two are "light guys" from Green Lantern. He loves them. He has even been sleeping with them. He has done this same thing with a few other small action figures--first Batman and Robin, then Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. He really likes to play with small action figures.

The other day Reed was helping me sing to Asher at bedtime. I was surprised by how many primary songs he knows--a handful he knows from singing with me, but I tried a few we haven't really sung together before and he knows them from Primary. He also has a CD of songs he goes to bed listening to and can quote the lyrics to all the songs. He loves music.

Reed has recently discovered a few series of books that he really, really loves. His very favorite are the Froggy books by Jonathan London. Aunt Mandi gave him a few for his birthday, and he was sold. We have recently found a few in good shape at garages sales and DI, and we always check out at least one from the library. He also loves the Splat the Cat and Russell the Sheep books by Rob Scotton and, of course, Curious George. We recently checked out a few Eric Carle books when we learned about insects for school and he really enjoyed those, as well.

Reed really loves watching TV and would watch it all day if I let him. We usually only watch one, maybe two half-hour shows per day. Anyway, while we were at Aunt Lynnie's, he discovered a new show: the Octonauts. When we got home from Colorado, he told Ryan, "Daddy, you have to see this show. It is just perfect for me!" He really likes to pretend we are Octonauts and is constantly yelling, "Let's jump in the Octonaut and go on a mission!" The Octonaut (actually called Octopod) on the show is their boat, and for Reed it is his bed. Asher and I climb on the bottom, Reed climbs on the top, and we sail off to rescue someone.

We came up with a silly game the other day. We each accidentally scared each other by showing up where the other wasn't expecting us. Now we take turns hiding, then pop out when the other person walks by.  Reed is so stealth--he will yell, "Mama, come walk by the pantry!" or wherever he is hiding--so some of the surprise element is lost. We have a lot of fun, though.

Reed wasn't interested in writing letters at all for a long time. But a few days ago, out of the blue, he told me he needed me to come look at what he had drawn on his easel. I came in his room and he yelled, "I drew a letter I!" And he really had. We've started working on writing the letter we learn about for the week and so far he can write I, E, and Z. He does think it's funny to make E's with 7-10 lines instead of 3, but we're working on it.

Reed has become more curious than ever lately.  He has always asked a lot of questions, but now he asks even more. He has started asking how things work. And isn't satisfied by a simple answer. Thank goodness for iPhones--we usually end up looking up a picture or video of whatever it is he's talking about so he gets a visual explanation. It has become increasingly hard to have a conversation that doesn't include Reed. He has to be part of the conversation and has to hear every word--he constantly interrupts us because he didn't hear something. We have a very curious boy on our hands!