Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Survive 110* Weather

We've had a very long, very hot summer and are quickly running out of fun things we can do that don't require us to be outside. One particular Saturday, we were all going a little crazy by about 4:30. Enter Ryan's fantastic idea: Family Movie Night.

This was not your ordinary family movie night. First, we blew up two air mattresses (thankfully our couches are quite easy to move and thus accommodate two air mattresses). Then we tasked the boys with getting pillows, blankets, and guys.

Asher tried to carry his bee pillow pet an his big blanket at the same time. The bee itself is basically the same size as he is. He put on quite a show. Once he made it to the family room, though, the boys made themselves comfortable while we started How to Train Your Dragon.

Then we made popcorn. And devoured it.

Around 6:00 I decided the boys should eat something of nutritional value, so we had a "fun little dinner" that they could eat on the mattresses without destroying them: chunks of cheese, carrots, crackers, grapes, bread, etc.

Oh yeah, then I gave them a bowl with a few chocolate chips and giant marshmallows. I'm pretty sure Asher's face describes how he felt about that:

Family Movie Night Success.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Reed & Gwen

Meet Reed's friend Gwen:

Reed loves to play with Gwen, especially at the splash pad. I think this is partially because, unlike Asher, she will actually listen to him and play with him and generally doesn't disagree with him. Reed and Asher disagree kind of a lot. Anyway, Reed and Gwen are fantastic at playing together.

And just look how cute they are:

Gwen is a little wary of the spraying water, so Reed holds her hand basically the entire time we're there. It's ridiculously cute.

Oh, and we let Asher and Ryder come along, too. They mostly ignore each other. But it's an amiable ignoring, at least:
Random side note: I recently discovered that the boys' favorite toys to play with at the splash pad are big cups. Forget the water toys we actually bought--they like my old school cups I got when I first went away to college. Really, boys?

Hooray for friends!

The Monthly Asher: 22

One time Reed told me to come quick because Asher wasn't choosing the right. I asked Asher what was going on and he said, "Ashie Bee not choose the right!" The next day, Reed was being naughty. I asked Reed what he needed to do. He couldn't think of an answer. But Asher said, "Bubba need choose the right!"

 Reed had a sick day. Asher didn't, but was more than happy to lay next to Reed, bring guys and toys to Reed, and try to make his brother feel better.

Asher can count to six by himself. Our hide and seek playing is certainly paying off!

Asher is starting to basically form sentences. He'll say things like, "Help Asher Bee shoes on, Mommy" (Help Asher put his shoes on) or "Read it, Clifford book, Daddy" (Read the Clifford book, Daddy). His vocabulary expands daily and I'm always surprised and a little impressed by the things that come out of his mouth!

Asher still refers to himself as "Geet" or "Geek" but he's also started occasionally calling himself "Asher Bee" or "Ashie." He'll say, "Uh-oh, Asher Bee!" or "Ashie's turn!" It's pretty much the cutest thing, ever.

Asher is more of a stubborn eater than a picky eater, but his stubbornness makes him picky. No matter what we try, he just yells, "WANT IT!" (which means I don't want it) and refuses to try it. If he's especially testy he'll try throwing it on the floor. Many times, he doesn't end up eating much because he will only eat one item of his meal, refuse to eat the rest, and continue refusing to eat the rest even when he knows he's not getting something else. Stubborn.

Why sit on the couch when you can sit on the train table? It is much closer to the TV.

Asher gets worried when he hears other kids crying. He immediately turns to me and says, "Baby crying, Mommy" and tells me repeatedly until the crying baby stops or we can't hear them anymore. He doesn't like anyone to be upset!

Lately, Asher is a huge fan of books. If I ever don't know where he is, I'll go to his room and generally find him sitting on the floor, flipping through the pages of a book. Whenever he finds a book during the day, he brings it to me and asks, "Read it, book?" And at naptime and bedtime I have to cut him off at three or we'd be reading all day and never sleeping! Most of our board books we've read so many times that he can finish the sentences for me--and does.

Asher does everything Reed does. So when Reed got his pillow pal and soft blanket and plopped them on our bed, Asher did, too.

Asher is doing better in nursery. He will go, cry, calm down, cry every time the door opens, calm down again--over and over. Using my stealthy spy techniques, though, I've witnessed him playing with toys with other kids and not needing to sit on an adult's lap the entire time. Progress.

Asher likes to sing. He tries to sing along with us when we sing his favorite songs--"Bird" in particular ("My Heavenly Father Loves Me" from the Children's Songbook). His version sounds something like this: "When hear...hon huh huh bird...look blue blue sky...rain face...uh-uh by!" When he tries to speak fast he sounds like a lot of huffing "h" noises. It's really cute.

This is what hugs usually look like in our family.

Asher and I were singing the ABCs together yesterday and I sang, "L,M,N,O" which he followed with, "Pee pee!"

Friday, August 17, 2012


Ryan got new glasses. What do you think?
(Mysterious blue dot above lip=marker, of course.)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Reeder finished his swimming lessons a few weeks ago and, after quite an apprehensive start, had an amazing time. He loved his teachers, was super proud of himself for learning so much, and misses swim lessons like crazy. He keeps asking me when it's going to be next summer so he can take swim lessons again! I'm glad he could get over his fear and be so brave.

His super legit certificate of completion. When I asked him why he wouldn't put his face in the water, he told me, "I did."

I'm pretty sure he thought he was putting his whole face in the water when he just dipped his nose in. Maybe next summer.

And every time he did dip his nose in the water, he'd immediately put his hands cupped around his eyes like goggles and look for something to wipe his face on. One time he used a pool noodle. Classic.

Smashie, after complaining the first few days about not being in the water, was a great sport to watch from the sidelines. I think he'll be excited next summer when he gets a chance to swim!

One of Reed's favorite things to do was play the red-light green-light game while kicking in the water. The kids were terrific splashers.

And he was pretty excited when Daddy surprised him the second to last day and came to watch his lessons.

Reed also loved the washing machine game--even the part where the washing machine gets everything wet and he got dipped under.

And he was more willing than he's ever been to be on his back in the water.

He was pretty proud when the teachers picked him to be the example for showing how to help someone who's fallen into the pool. I was proud when he attempted jumping off the race platforms with just a noodle and when he hand-walked along all the edges of 3/4 of the pool!

Way to go, Reeder. Maybe next summer you'll put your face under!

Monday, August 13, 2012


We celebrated our sixth anniversary this year. Sixth. Can you believe it? It's kind of crazy to me. Because this is our blog and I'm allowed to get a little mushy, let me just say that these past six years have been fantastic.  Ryan and I are certainly better together than we could possibly be apart and I'm so grateful to be sealed to him and to our boys. I love Ryan so much and am amazed by how that love has grown over these past six years.

 We're best friends. Really.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand: our sixth anniversary. Our primary babysitters--my parents or sisters--were all out of town. Asher is not good at having a babysitter. He cries or mopes the entire time and won't sleep. So we were planning on celebrating our anniversary the next weekend. Or at least I was. Ryan was super stealthy and planned a surprise trip. Here's how it went down: on Thursday night, he casually mentioned that he had a babysitter for us for Friday. I asked who and he told me that Tayler (Kayla's best friends) was going to watch the boys. I was confused--Tayler lives in Provo--so I asked him how she was going to babysit. Ryan's response: "Because we're going to be in Provo." Surprise!

Provo may not seem like the most exciting of travel spots, but Ryan and I love visiting our old stomping grounds. So to Provo we went. We checked in to the hotel, Tayler came over, and we left the boys with her. I was a little worried for her because the boys generally don't really sleep well in hotels, but apparently they were amazing and went right to sleep. Or she might have made that up to make me feel better.

We decided to go to Tucan's for dinner because if you're eating out in Provo, you might as well do it right. Luckily, though we had an hour wait, there happened to be a farmer's market/battle of the bands right in front of Tucanos. And did you know that Provo has a beach resort? Confusing, yes, but super cool once you get inside. Anyway, we had fun browsing, buying gymies for the boys (Gymboree pajamas, in case you didn't catch that) (no, we can't stop thinking about them, even out on a date), and listening to a few sub-par and a few decent bands.

Then we gorged ourselves at Tucanos, which is always fun.

Ryan has a history of doing cute things on special days, and that night was no exception. After Tucanos, we drove to old apartment complex--the singles complex where we first met--and went on a walk on the trail that runs by the Provo River. We walked along that very trail on our fateful pre-date when we both realized we wanted to real date. Anyway, we walked along and actually saw two vagabonds (long story, dating to the pre-date. I'll have to explain the full story sometime.), which made the night that much more fantastic. We contemplated stopping at the Malt Shoppe, but were both still crazy-full from Tucanos, so instead we went back to the hotel to two sleeping boys and watched the end of the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.

The next morning, we woke up quite early. Since nothing was open and we weren't really hungry yet, we went swimming at our hotel--despite the sign posted with the pool's hours which we were clearly outside of which Ryan "didn't see." Ha. Anyway, after the pool we made it to the continental breakfast thankfully before the fifty boys who came about five minutes after us (youth conference). Then we went to an amazing park in Provo.
See, amazing, right?

By that point, we knew stores would finally be opening, so we drove to Salt Lake. First stop: City Creek Center. City Creek is pretty cool--the boys especially loved the fish swimming in the creek and the Disney store. I especially loved H&M.

Next stop: IKEA, first for lunch, then for more shopping!

We really love IKEA's lunch. It's a good deal, yummy, and the kids tables have toys to play with so the boys have something to do while they wait for their food then while they wait for us to finish. Good work, IKEA.

We are in the process of redecorating the room Reed and Asher will share when baby comes, so we spent quite a while at IKEA. Poor Asher was so done by the end--he'd missed a nap and was getting pretty crazy. We were quite excited when Asher fell asleep while Ryan made a quick jaunt into Target to buy Caffeine Free Mountain Dew. Did you know that only two locations in the US sell Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew? Shocking, because it's probably super popular. Anyway, we also stop at the Orem Target to refill our stash. We decided there was no way we were waking Asher from his nap and it was getting late-ish anyway, so after a quick stop at 7-11 for slurpees, we started our drive home.

Asher woke up in Springville. Snap.

We made it home largely without incident, though, and enjoyed our weekend away. Happy 6, Ryan!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pillow Pile

I didn't change out of my pajamas today. I didn't put on any makeup or even brush my hair until 4:00 p.m.  Here is something I did do:

We made a giant pile of pillows...then we ran and jumped into them.

The boys didn't get dressed or brush their hair, either.

Yes, it was a good day.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fire Truck

The other day, the boys and I met a friend for lunch at Pizza Factory. Afterward, we had to stop at the antique fire truck next to Pizza Factory. How could we not? The boys were in heaven. I wish we had an antique fire truck in our backyard, because I'm pretty sure it would keep them occupied for hours at a time.

Reed spent most of his time driving and pushing the various buttons and knobs, while Asher climbed up, down, and over more times than I could count.

Asher also modeled a lovely blue necklace for us. He wore that to lunch, too. He's got fantastic fashion sense.

I spent my time alternately checking out the fire truck with them and trying to take a picture with both of them looking. This is becoming increasingly difficult, when I assumed that, with age, it would get easier. I was wrong. I tricked Reed into looking right at the camera by telling him there was a tiny monster inside he could only see if he looked right into the camera. He believed me. He also told me he saw the monster. I didn't believe him.

Asher was content with not looking at the camera, ever. Apparently he didn't buy the monster story.

As we were leaving, a sirens-blaring ambulance truck rushed by. We were all quite excited.

And we got to cross a "river" to get back to our car, which was also exciting.

If it hadn't been nap time, we may have stayed all afternoon.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ice cream, ice cream, in a dish...

Sometimes Reed decides that he can't do something by himself and, no matter how many times we show him that he can in fact do it by himself, he continues to assert otherwise. One such item: putting his underwear and shorts on by himself. He will put them on if we hold them up and show him which way they go--but he always tells us he doesn't know "which right way they go" by himself. I finally decided to do something about it. Enter incentive. Each time Reed put his underwear and shorts on by himself without asking for any help at all, he got a scoop of ice cream. Once he got ten...

...we went on a family date to SubZero, where he got to pick out his very own flavor of ice cream with mix-ins (mint with mint-chocolate Andes, of course), then watch the workers freeze it before his very eyes.

With this incentive, it took Reed three days--only three--to reach his goal. I didn't have to help him once. In fact, if I happened to be with him when he needed to put his shorts and underwear on, he would ask me to go out, because, "Sometimes if you're in here I just ask you for help." Apparently he can be independent once in a while. Way to go, Reed.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Those Ones

Lately, Asher has become super picky about what he wears--he only wants to wear what he wants to wear. I have to be very sneaky when opening his drawers or he reaches in quickly, pulls an item of clothing out, and yells, "Those ones!". Or, in other words, I must wear this article of clothing now or you will deal with my wrath. To combat his crazy outfits, we usually let him choose his shirt, then stealthily sneak coordinating shorts out of the drawer. This morning, for example, Ryan asked what shirt Asher wanted to wear, then Asher yelled, "Ball!" and quickly grabbed his basketball shirt, while Ryan sneakily grabbed shorts that looked decent with said ball shirt.

At bedtime, though, we let Asher's creativity loose, which results in pajama choices like this one:
Hawaiian swim bottoms stained with red dirt from the splash pad and topped with a tank top with a beach print? Perfect.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pregnancy Log: 16 weeks

How far along?  16 weeks--baby is the size of an avocado!

Total weight gain/loss? +3 pounds.

Maternity clothes?  My pants that were originally on the smaller end of my wardrobe are too tight, but the roomier pants still fit. I have worn a few pairs of maternity shorts to expand my summer wardrobe a little, though.

Stretch marks? None so far (to add to my collection)

Sleep? I wake up sometime during the night to use the bathroom. And I get so tired during the day that I sometimes put on Mickey for the boys so I can catch a catnap.

Best moment last week? At my 14-week appointment (7/23/12) I was excited to hear baby's heartbeat again. However, when my midwife tried to find the baby's heartbeat, all we heard was a weird beep/zip/static noise, repeatedly. I thought the machine was not working well, but apparently the baby was moving so quickly that the only sound we heard was a tiny blip of the baby's heartbeat as the baby zoomed past the machine. Despite ten minutes of trying, we couldn't get the baby to hold still long enough to hear anything recognizable as a heartbeat. It will be interesting once I start feeling all the movement this baby makes.

Movement?  Not yet.

Food cravings?  Nope.

Sickness? I
'm feeling so much better, hooray!

Food aversions? I still don't like big pieces of meat (i.e. an entire chicken breast), but food in general sounds and tastes better.

Gender? We'll hopefully know in September.

Labor signs? None, thank goodness.

Belly button in/out? In.

What I miss: My clothes fitting the way they are supposed to.

What I am looking forward to: Feeling the baby move--hopefully soon!

Milestones: According to "the experts" baby, in general, is starting to look more baby and less alien/dinosaur. Hooray!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pioneer Day

Truthfully, we didn't do the best job of talking about Pioneers this Pioneer Day. We did have a fantastic day, though. We started with a trip to the Ivins Parade to watch Kayla be a princess:

(Picture a Picture Here)

Apparently I didn't take a picture of Kayla being a princess. You'll just have to take my word for it. The boys were excited because we got to run up to the convertible and give her a high five. She also personally handed them a piece of candy. Score!

The boys and I spent the rest of our day doing our "usual": a little eating, napping, a lot of playing, school for Reed, and the like. But when Ryan got home, we had Grandma and Mando over for a BBQ. Quite a delicious BBQ.

And, of course, we finished the day with sparklers and fireworks. I have an irrational fear of sparklers stemming from a childhood sparkler-ing accident. Luckily, Grandma was willing to help Asher:

And Reed was brave enough to go by himself--with the double.

It was 100% light outside when we did fireworks--we would have had to wait another two hours to do fireworks in the dark and knew if we did the boys would be grumpy, so we went with it.

The boys still thought the fireworks were amazing, despite the lack of dazzle added by the dark. Asher kept saying, "Do it gain (again)!" By the way, Reed wore this exact outfit last Pioneer Day.

We ended the celebration with star-shaped marshmallows. I'm pretty sure those are quite Pioneer-ish. Yum.