Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pregnancy Log: 24 weeks.

Awkward self-photo. I've always been so bad at these. 
How far along?  24 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? +11 pounds.
Maternity clothes?  Check. I can wear normal shirt but have stopped for the most part because I don't want to stretch them out.
Stretch marks? Not yet, but I'm sure they'll show up soon.
Sleep? I wake up very early morning for a trip to the bathroom. Luckily, I'm generally able to fall right back to sleep.
Best moment last week? Ryan was able to feel Lila move! She is a sneaky little girl--whenever he's tried to feel her she immediately stops kicking. If I feel her and put my hand on the spot where I've felt her, she immediately moves. But twice now we have been sneaky enough to catch her--and Ryan has finally felt her moving around! When my midwife was trying to find Lila's heartbeat last week, Lila would move every time the doppler came near. She kept moving further down--but eventually ran out of room so we got to hear her heart.
Movement?  I feel her almost all the time now, but especially when I'm sitting or lying down. She moves almost non-stop--I don't remember the boys moving this much.
Food cravings?  Peanut butter! And stuffing. But not together.
Sickness? Nope.
Food aversions? None right now.
Gender? Girl!
Labor signs? None, thank goodness.
Belly button in/out? In.
What I miss: I'm still waiting to feel the "energy boost" you're supposed to feel in the second trimester. It has yet to come and I'm almost to the third. I'm not thinking I'm going to feel energy again, ever.
What I am looking forward to: Third trimester, woot woot!
Milestones: Ryan feeling Lila, me popping out like crazy. Oh, and we chose a name: Lila. Middle name is still up for debate.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Temple Quarry

My parents have lived on the very mountain where the Temple Quarry Trail is located for 11 years. Eleven! And I'd never heard of the trail before.Then I did hear about the trail twice in the same week. So, of course, we had to go.

Asher gets so mad about the hiking backpack. One day he'll be free. Until then, grumpy face Hambly accompanies us on all our hiking excursions.

The trail started with a stone arch you get to pass through--it was very bright that morning, as you can see by Reed's sunglasses hands.

I loved this trail. Not only was the trail very well-kept, but it was also relatively flat (hooray) and provided lots of interesting things to look at. At one point, we could see Ryan's office. And we could have seen my parents' house if the trail extended just a little further around the mountain--the boys were quite disappointed when we didn't get to see Grandma's house. I probably shouldn't have told them we'd be able to before I really knew.

Anyway, once you get to the Quarry...

You can see chisel marks and blast marks in the rocks--where the pioneers cute slabs of rock to use in the basement of the temple.

There's just something about looking at chisel marks from that long ago that is so awe-inspiring. The pioneers drove wagons along this mountain ridge, cut the stone by hand, and used horses to haul it all the way to the temple. Wow.

We were also excited to find the world's friendliest butterfly. Reed got closer...and closer...and was even able to touch it! I was a little shocked when it didn't fly away. You can't see it very well below, but it's the yellowish triangle.

After our hike, we went out to breakfast at Kneader's for french toast slathered in cinnamon syrup--yum.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Monthly Asher: 23

How can that face not make you happy?

Our Ashie Bee finds himself hilarious. We think he's pretty funny, too. If he says something he thinks is particularly funny and doesn't get the reaction he was hoping for--or gets a great reaction and wants to hear us laugh again--he informs us of what he said. For example, in the car yesterday he yelled, "Nailed it!" We all cracked up, so he said, "Bubba, my said, 'Nailed it!'" His other favorite "funny thing" to say is, "Lucky bum bum."

Asher loves to sing and has a pretty good memory. We've been listening to the songs for the Primary program on a CD and Asher can sing most of every song. He can also sing the ABCs, birdie tops (In the Leafy Treetops), and a few others.
Playing pillow pile

If I ask the boys if they want to do something or want to be helped, Asher immediately yells--as loud as he can--"YEAH, WE DO!!!!!" Without even consulting Reed. He loves to be a helper.

Mommy, my did it!

Asher would eat macaroni or a quesadilla for every meal if we let him. Whenever I tell him it's time to eat, he asks me, "Have ques-dilla?" (There's always a pause for air in between the syllables) or "Have mac-oni?" His other favorites include oatmeal (oat-beal), yogurt, milk (ilk),bananas (nana), Lucky Charms, and sandwiches (sams).

Playing alternately with building toy and blocks. He's a builder at heart.

Asher picks out books to read at naptime and bedtime (and periodically throughout the day) and is very picky about what we read. If Reed or I suggest anything, he is likely not to pick our suggestion. And he knows what he wants before we even look at the books--on the way to his room he'll ask where Goodnight Moon or rocket ship George are. He also loves this Baby Mickey book we have; The Belly Button Book (Be-Boo!); Go Dogs, Go!; and Corduroy's Busy Street. And every book we own.

Enjoying a snack on the patio.

Asher gets so mad at naptime and bedtime. As soon as I put him in his bed he yells, "My wake up!" I usually tell him he can wake up in the morning or after his nap, to which he responds, "My wake up NOW!" Luckily, he still generally falls asleep pretty quickly.

He found the perfect tool for drinking the bath water. Yum.

Asher has started to show a little interest in helping get himself dressed. He can do the zipper on zippered jammies if I zip it past the legs, can get his legs in his shorts and help pull them up, and get his arms into his shirt if I put it over his head. My favorite part of getting him dressed is pulling his shorts on because he says, "Hold on, Mommy!" then throws his arms around my neck.

He loves to put this bucket on his head, even when it is full of blocks.

Yesterday, Asher figured out how to climb Reed's ladder to the bunk bed while I was out of the room. I'm not so excited about that one. I was really surprised because he is so afraid of ladders and even slides at the park (despite his start as a daredevil--the ladders he could climb up at one year he refuses to even attempt at almost two years). Another note: he's suddenly afraid of swings.
Building a book tower.

Asher is pretty good about playing by himself. Lately, his favorite solo activity is a marble track we recently purchased ($1 at a yard sale, woot woot!). He sits and puts the marbles in over and over--his longest so far: 45 minutes. He calls it the "ball race track" and loves it. He also loves our car race track and will send hot wheels flying down it for a long time. His third favorite solo activity is drawing on our easel. I recently let him try the dry-erase markers and he loves them so much. He colors until the board is full, erases it, and starts again.

 Watching a movie with Bubba.

Our bedtime routine is always the same and Asher loves it. First, he helps Reed get the vitamins and toothbrushes. We brush, then they put them away. Next he chooses jammies and we get them on. We read scriptures after, then say a prayer, then he gives Daddy a goodnight hug. After the hug, he always says, "Pull Daddy!" and grabs Ryan's hand to pull Ryan out of the blue chair in Asher's room. Then he says, "Sit in chair, Mommy!" grabs a book, and runs to my lap. We read three books, then I ask him what we should sing. He always responds, "Daddy-o king (sing) my birdie tops?" (In the Leafy Treetops), so we go find Daddy and Bubba and we all sing. Then I put him in bed and he of course yells, "My wake up!" I really enjoy our bedtime routine.

Story time with Daddy.

In the morning, we all give Daddy a hug inside. Then as soon as Daddy walks out the door, the boys yell, "Watch Daddy!" so we run outside, give Daddy another hug, and watch him back out. Once he's out of the driveway, the boys and I run to the end of the driveway so we can watch Daddy drive down the street, yelling, "BYE DADDY! LOVE YOU!" the entire time. Makes me happy every day.

Mommy, my drew a snake! (the lines)

When Asher poops, he tells me, "My tootin'!" and he always tells me, "That tickles" and "bum bum hurts" while I change him. I can't convince him that he'd enjoy going in the potty a lot more than having his bum bum hurt, but we're working on it.

When Asher finishes something at dinner, he tells us, "My ready for more _______!" I don't know why, but it's super cute.

Asher can identify a few shapes, thanks mostly to a Baby Mickey book we have. He has triangle, star, and square down and can sometimes identify oval and circle.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


A few weeks ago, while Ryan spent approximately ten of his Saturday hours studying for the CPA exam, the boys and I decided to get out of the house to give Ryan a little quiet.

Side note: Ryan PASSED his first section of the CPA exam, BEC. Woot woot! We're so proud of him--now he just has three sections left!

We met up with Aunt Mandi and went to the splash pad (where only the fountains were turned on and not the river. Weird), Twenty-Five Main for cupcakes, and McDonald's. Basically the boys' ideal morning. After naps, Ryan was ready for a study break. We were thinking of things to do (there's not many options around here), when we realized that we have never been to the Dinosaur Tracks Museum. And both boys are young enough that they get free admission. Perfect. To the Dinosaur Tracks Museum we went.

For whatever reason, Asher was in the grumpiest mood, ever, despite our fantastic morning and a nap. You can't win them all, I guess. Reed was in good spirits, though, and enjoyed the museum for the most part. Honestly, I think they'll enjoy it more when they're a little older and can appreciate the amazing-ness of seeing dinosaur footprints preserved exactly where they were found.

This picture is quite blurry, but it shows the gigantic slabs of rock with the tracks in them. The building was built around these tracks. Super cool, right? The path of footprints in the picture of the background also shows the only known instance in the world where a dinosaur sat down and took his front legs off the ground while sitting.

The boys did perk up considerably when we made our way to the family room where they could make rubbings of dinosaur pictures, use dinosaur stencils, and build dinosaur puzzles.

Even Asher finally smiled.

I think we'll wait until the boys are a little older to visit the Dinosaur Track Museum again--but at least Ryan and I enjoyed ourselves. Reed, though, has been asking to go again. Apparently he forgot how apathetic he was about the tracks.  Oh, well. At least they were free!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


In some places, you have to stay inside when it rains because it's cold. Here, you have picnic breakfasts outside when it rains, because it finally cools down to 80 degrees outside.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kolob Canyons

Have I mentioned that buying a National Parks pass was on of our best purchases to date? Because it certainly was.

We recently realized that we've never been to the Kolob side of Zion National Park. Never. We needed to remedy the situation--and last weekend, we did. We decided to hike the Middle Fork of Taylor Creek. The trail meanders along a creek bed, passes two old homestead cabins, and ends at an arch, which sounded pretty exciting. I was a little nervous after reading a sign posted at the trailhead that explained that the trail had been partially re-routed due to a wasp infestation. The re-route added about ten crossings of the creek to the hike, but thankfully I saw a grand total of only two wasps.

Luckily, Reed's hands double as binoculars.

The hike was somewhat difficult with a three-year-old boy with short legs trying to cross the creek multiple times; the next day, both Ryan and I were sore from swinging Reed across the creek repeatedly. However, I loved hiking right next to the creek because there was shade from the trees and cool-ish air from the water. Heavenly, after some of the hikes we've done recently. Asher was a little more tolerant of the hiking backpack this time--emphasis on little--and spent the majority of the hike on my back. Once we got to the first cabin, we let Asher out to stretch his legs. We also decided that since we were only halfway to the halfway point of the hike and we'd already been hiking for about an hour and a half, it was time to turn around. One day Ryan and I need to find a babysitter and finish all the hikes we've completed halfway--I've got a suspicion that we might be a little faster when we're not going at Reed's pace and I'm not carrying thirty pounds of Asher on my back.

Checking out the  map and taking in the views.

The boys were super excited to see the cabin, though disappointed we couldn't go inside, and I loved hiking somewhere new. We ended the day, as usual, with a picnic lunch which included the boys' first taste of Nutty Bars. We'll be visiting Kolob again soon.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pillow Pile Revisited

We had so much fun with our pillow pile last time that we decided to do it again. This time we made an even bigger pile of pillows. I usually don't use the pillows from our brown couch (the dotted one on top) but Asher went to so much work carrying all four back to Reed's room that I couldn't take them out of the pile. The pillows are bigger than his torso, so it was quite a task.

Then we made a path of blankets--Reed's idea. The path made the game more interesting--a few of the blankets are silky and as such become slipping hazards. Worth the risk.

The boys also happened to be wearing matching shirts. And Reed and I had crowns (we were all kings/queens for the day).

But we still ended in the pile. And it was still awesome. I lost track of how many times Asher said, "Gain! Gain!" (again.) I participated for the first several, then had to take a breather. I cannot keep up with these boys!

Hopefully we'll come up with more variations soon!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fighting Fires

We watched a new Handy Manny today. This was a big deal, as there hasn't been a new Handy Manny episode in months. In the episode, Manny trained to be a volunteer fireman--so we spent the rest of the afternoon being firemen, too.

Luckily, we had a hose (the race track) and a fire truck (Reed's bunk bed). We are so prepared.

We put out a lot of fires. And learned that being firemen is really hard work.

And sometimes our hoses turned into hoops.

Which was super awesome.

Then Asher got bored and spent time perusing our Curious George library. Luckily, it's quite extensive.

And that was our day--another good one.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pregnancy Log: 20 weeks. Baby is a girl!

 Meet our baby girl!

How far along?  20 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? +7 pounds.
Maternity clothes?  All maternity bottoms--I can fit into some of my bigger non-maternity stuff, but I get so uncomfortable by the end of the day that it's not worth it.

Stretch marks? None so far (to add to my collection)

She works out. 

Sleep? I wake up once or twice at night to use the bathroom. I haven't been getting as tired during the day, thank goodness. I do feel really worn out most of the time.

Best moment last week? The ultrasound! At my 18-week appointment (8/20/12), I was measuring four weeks ahead (22 instead of 18). I was also measuring four weeks ahead at my 14-week appointment, so my widwife thought my dates might be off and I might be due a month sooner. She wanted me to get an ultrasound within the next two weeks, because the baby is easier to measure when it's a little smaller--so we got to have the ultrasound 8/28/12 instead of 9/13/12. Hooray! I was pretty sure it was a boy. Ryan thought it was a girl. And the ultrasound revealed that the baby is a girl! I'm happy Ryan was right. We went shopping immediately after the ultrasound and bought quite a lot of cute clothes. We're both very excited to have a girl!
 We love her.

Movement?  Yes! For a few weeks I would think I felt the baby move, wait, then feel nothing else--so assumed I hadn't really felt anything. The first time I was absolutely positive I was feeling movement was 8/16/12. We were laying in bed, watching a show, and suddenly I could feel baby girl bumping around. Since then, I can feel her sometimes when I'm sitting for a long period of time and every time I lay down. I haven't yet felt her while I was up walking around or distracted--that will come later :)
These little piggies have been kicking me.

Food cravings?  Nope.

Sickness? I'm feeling so much better, hooray!

Food aversions? None right now.

Gender? Girl!

Labor signs? None, thank goodness.

Belly button in/out? In.

Even her spine is cute.

What I miss: Having energy! I'm sure I used to have some.

What I am looking forward to: Ryan being able to feel the baby move.
Milestones: Halfway there!

 Creepy face shot. I still love it.

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Guessing Game

Want to guess what we did this week?

Hint 1: It started with aprons.

 Hint 2: We utilized a giant piece of white butcher paper.

Hint 3: Then we added water guns to the mix.
(That's not blood in the bowl, in case you're wondering)

Give up?

We painted. With water guns.

Sadly, I only had yellow and red food coloring--but it was still a masterpiece.

And then we filled the guns with non-colored water and sprayed each other because it was crazy-hot outside.