Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Please excuse the potty talk.

Approximately two months ago, Asher started showing a lot of interest in the potty--so we went for it and started potty training. Big mistake and utter failure.

Fast forward to three weeks ago. Our Costco box of diapers was almost gone, Asher would actually request to sit on the potty (though he had as yet to actually go in the potty), and I thought it would be extremely nice to have Asher out of diapers before Lila was in diapers. We were going to Provo that weekend, though, so I decided that Monday (10/15/12) would be THE day. Potty day.

Monday came. I was super nervous. And guess what? We had exactly zero successes. Zero. In the morning I really needed to do work in the garden (long story short, pregnancy sickness+110 weather=unhealthy garden, excepting the tomato plant that was approximately 8 feet tall when stretch ed to its full height)--so I put Asher in a pair of underwear and took the boys outside. I didn't want his bum to bare because I knew he'd be sitting in dirt. Despite taking him potty every twenty minutes, he had three accidents in the hour and a half we were outside. Two involved poop. I was discouraged.

By lunch time (two hours later), he still hadn't had any success. No accidents, either, at least. I put him in a diaper for his nap and he woke up wet. He didn't pee again until bedtime, when he was in a diaper again. Seriously. This kid has impressive "holding" abilities. Even when I had him try to "push" on the potty, he could somehow still hold it in! I was a little bit impressed but mostly annoyed.

After a somewhat tearful talk with Ryan Monday night, I revised my tactics. On Tuesday, I took Asher to the bathroom every forty minutes. I didn't put him in underwear, but left him bare. And instead of using a timer, I watched the clock and just told him when it was time--I'd used the timer the day before and it really seemed to upset him. We had a very long, very dry morning. Zero accidents, zero successes. He wet his diaper at naptime. Then, finally, at 4:30 p.m., we had our first potty training success, ever. That's right folks: we had pee in the potty. Breakthrough moment. After potty training two kids, my super experienced opinion is that the first success is the hardest (at least for my kids). Once they realize it's not that big of a deal to use the potty, they'll use it.

Wednesday we only had one accident and several successes. Friday was our first accident-free day, and Asher's very first poop in the potty. This week he's been fantastic, with very very few accidents. He's already come to the point where he tells us basically every time he needs to go potty, even if we're out and about. He's not yet had an accident in a public place, hallelujah. And he no longer complains about sitting on the potty. And guess what? He's even wearing underwear for naps and bedtime and waking up dry. I'm calling it: Asher Hambly is potty trained. Boo-yah.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Asher had a birthday, shout hooray!

Our cute Ashie Bee had a birthday! Honestly, he doesn't really enjoy playing with other kids so we decided to have a family party--I'm pretty sure he approved. We started with a dinner of his favorite things: mac and cheese, jello jigglers, and milk. I'm pretty sure he only ate jello until we finally cut him off and he took approximately 1.5 bites before declaring, "My done!" After the rest of the dinner group had finished, we moved on to presents.

Asher loved tearing the paper off his presents--but once he got one main chunk of paper off and could tell what was inside (mostly) he'd move on to the next present. Reed finished unwrapping most of Asher's gifts.

Asher loved all his presents but was most excited, I think, by Mater--if you can't tell by his face in the photo above. He LOVES Mater and anything cars-related, so he was beyond pumped when he opened the box.

After presents--and a few laps with Mater...

 --we had cake!

Asher successfully blew out both candles, then ate all the frosting off his cupcake. When we wouldn't give him additional frosting, he decided to try the cake and conceded that it was actually yummy.

Happy birthday, Ashie Bee! We love you tons.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pregnancy Log: 28 weeks

Picture to come later. Possibly.
How far along?  28 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? +15 pounds.
Maternity clothes?  Check. Maternity jeans drive me crazy because I have to pull them up all. Day. Long. At home I generally stick to the most amazingly comfortable maternity yoga pants I got on clearance at Target while I was pregnant with Asher.
Stretch marks? Not yet, but I'm sure they'll show up soon.
Sleep? Still isn't really an issue. I usually wake up to go to the bathroom, but generally fall right back to sleep.
Best moment last week? Last night I had a late snack of Greek yogurt and about 15 minutes later Lila started going crazy. I seriously have never felt her move so much. She must have been on a sugar high or something--it was fantastic. Oh, and hitting the THIRD trimester!
Movement?  She tends to fall asleep (I'm assuming) when I'm up doing stuff. But whenever I sit down, she moves like crazy.
Food cravings?  I've moved somewhat past the peanut butter/stuffing cravings onto anything salty.
Sickness? Nope. The other morning I made a poor choice and took my prenatal vitamin and iron supplement, then went to the store--without eating anything. I walked into the store and immediately had to run to the bathroom to throw up. Throwing up at Wal-Mart is not exactly pleasant!
Food aversions? None right now.
Gender? Girl!
Labor signs? None, thank goodness.
Belly button in/out? In.
What I miss: Bending is becoming difficult.
What I am looking forward to: Meeting this little girl!
Milestones: Third trimester, hooray!

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Monthly Asher: Two Years!

 Ashie Bee is TWO!

Whenever Asher gets hurt, he tells us he has a "belly-bake" (bellyache). When we ask where, he identifies the location of his bellyache--his leg, head, or wherever he might have gotten hurt. He often asks for lotion to make it all better (he has quickly learned that we put lotion on the scratches he gets from eczema, so now believes lotion is a cure-all.)

I think Asher's four back molars (2-year molars?) are finally all the way in. He's cut them very slowly over the past six months or so, going through bouts of extreme grumpiness to get them here.

 He loved the carousel but hated when I let go of him so I could take a picture (it wasn't even moving yet). This is his nervous face--trying to be happy.

To get to most places in town, we have to drive up and over a large-ish hill. From the top, you can see the temple. Every time we are on the hill, Asher yells, "I see TEMPLE!"--even if we're on the back side, where you definitely can't see the temple. He is always super pumped to see it, though. He also calls Cinderella's castle the temple as well as any large, white building he sees.

One of my favorite things Asher says is, "How bout." He uses it whenever he wants to suggest something, like a book to read or a game to play. The other day he was looking at his bookshelf and he said, "Hmmmm....how bout, let's see, how bout...THAT ONE!" Love.

 It's better to do things together.

We started potty training this week! Asher is making pretty good progress. We have had a lot of #1 successes and even a few #2 successes, but going #2 on the potty makes him really nervous. Whenever he goes in the potty, he tells us, "My did a really good job!" And, if he stays bare-bummed, he doesn't have an accident. If we put underwear on, he usually has an accident. We're still working on that--he's got to learn to wear something on his bum at some point, right?

Asher is a great kisser and hugger. He will actually use his lips to kiss your lips and when he hugs, he squeezes as tightly as he can (along with a fantastic squeezing sound effect). If you're lucky, he'll even hold on to you and cuddle for a few minutes. Randomly throughout the day he'll decided he wants a hug or kiss and come running my way.

Sleepy baby.

Asher's current favorite activities are playing with the ball track we recently acquired and playing wooden puzzles. He is obsessed with the ball track. It's a tall wooden structure with wooden boards that have grooves in them running between the two sides, if that makes sense. Marbles fit in it perfectly. Asher spends solid half hours or more playing ball track--with Reed or by himself.

Asher's vocabulary expands daily. He is getting quite proficient at communicating exactly what he wants and can form good sentences. I love his little voice--it makes everything he says super cute.

 Mommy-Ashie date at McDonald's

Asher is starting to understand the idea that different colors have different names, but he hasn't really picked up which names goes to which color yet. When we're coloring, he usually requests a color by name, like, "My want geen (green)!" or "Need lullow (yellow)" but I'm never quite sure which color he's actually referring to. 

The boys finally got hair cuts--I think Asher's makes him look a lot older.

Asher loves Reed, so much. He wants to do everything Reed does--from playing the same toys to having the same requests (e.g. Reed asks for more cereal, then Asher immediately asks for more cereal, even if he has a full bowl). When we go in to get him post-nap or post-bed, his first question is "Ere's Bubba?" (Where's brother?). Asher still refers to Reed almost exclusively as "Bubba," which I find to be ridiculously cute, of course.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Honestly, I am not a very big fan of messy projects. I have to be in the right state of mind (one that includes a willingness to clean up very messy children and the remnants of their project). We don't often do extremely messy projects around here. But the boys love to paint. And as I was looking for ideas for school crafts one day I came across tin foil/Q-tip painting. I thought, "That would be fun. And it doesn't look too messy." So I decided to try it.

The project commenced innocently enough with both boys happily using their Q-tips to make patterns in the paint.

Then Reed thought it might be fun to paint his finger with his Q-tip.

And Asher followed suit, adding his own take on the idea: arm painting.

Reed responded by painting an "A" on his arm.

And since I was still giving him the red light, he proceeded to grab a sponge brush and use his hand to squeeze all the paint out--I think he liked how the paint felt when it oozed between his fingers. He did tell me he only wanted to get one hand covered in paint, though.

We were really having fun now. Asher smeared his hands in paint and squeezed them together.

Then Reed abandoned the "one hand clean" idea and just went for it. By this point, I realized that my not too messy project was going to be a huge mess. But since we were already in the middle of the project, I decided to see where it took us.

Asher accidentally (I think) painted his hair and chin. And he made a handprint on his arm without trying--see the fingers on his elbow?

Reed painted both his arms blue, then proceeded to paint his belly (by that point I put the camera away for fear of ruining it). I told him he looked like Blue Man Group, so naturally we had to watch Blue Man Group videos later so he could see what I meant. I really want to see Blue Man Group live.

Asher ended up just as messy as Reed. And though they were less than pleased when I had to scrub the paint off their bodies, they really enjoyed our painting project. Here's to a big mess.

The Monthly Reed: 47

Reed is getting pretty excited to be a big brother again. The other day he told me that my belly was getting really big. When I asked if he knew why, he said, "Because Lila's in there and she's getting bigger!" I let him feel her kick the other day, which he thought was pretty cool. The day after, he came up to me and pressed his hand onto my belly, wanting to feel Lila again, which I found to be quite cute!

Reed is obsessed with "chillers" and being cozy. The minute we walk in our door from running errands, he runs to his room and changes into comfy clothes. And every time we leave he fights to keep his chillers on (we have a strict "no chillers" policy when leaving the house). He has also started wearing chillers to bed instead of jammies.

Climbing with Daddy

Reed is getting a lot braver at the park. He will now climb ladders by himself, even if I'm not nearby (he's been climbing them for a long time, but only if I spot him from below). Ryan recently convinced Reed to try the fireman pole at a nearby park and Reed loved it--which Reed promptly forgot once he was standing at the top of the pole again, too nervous to try.

Overly prepared for school (I requested 2 markers and he returned with several).

Reed's current favorite color is "sprite blue," which I'm pretty sure translates to "bright blue." When we do school, sprite blue is the only marker he wants to use. If we color a picture, sprite blue is always his first choice of color. He definitely knows what he likes.

His name is more legible every day.

Reed has never been a big fan of coloring--until lately. He doesn't like to color in coloring books though--he likes to make his own pictures. He often spends his entire quiet time making pictures, then asking me to fold them up into books for him. He also occasionally asks for a ziploc bag, then proceeds to put one picture inside and save it there.

Reed's "castle." Not the best angle, but there is a mound in the middle with a stick flag surrounded by three fish-shaped doors.

The park closest to us has a big sand pit. Whenever we go to that park, we end up spending about 15 minutes on the playground, then 45+ digging in the sand. Luckily, I enjoy digging. Reed loves to use our buckets to make sand castles and to bury things, then put an x on top and go on an expedition to find them.

A cozy spot.

Reed loves to take all the cushions from both couches and make forts, hiding spots, or perches to watch a show on. He loves tunneling through all the pillows and hiding, then asking me to find him.

Reed's imagination continues to impress me. Every day he comes up with some kind of make-believe game or scenario (that often involves chopping monsters) and is constantly telling me stories from his stuffed Curious George's life.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy birthday, Ryan!

Ryan had a birthday (shout hooray)! His real present was a trip to Illinois with his siblings to visit his brother...but we couldn't leave him completely empty-handed on his actual birthday:

The boys had quite a fun time decorating a special cup and bowl for Daddy. The red lines on the cup are all Asher's--he kept making lines and I would spin the cup as he went. We make a great team.

I asked the boys if they wanted to write a little note for Daddy on the cup. Reed decided on this: "I love you Daddy! I know it's your birthday and I love you!" while Asher went for the more classic "Love you Daddy-o!"

The bowl was Reed's pièce de résistance. He spent a lot of time carefully coloring it to make it perfect for Ryan.

He even made a few tiny pictures of himself and Asher...

...and, of course, the birthday boy.

Ryan's birthday would not be complete without a delicious meal of Aunt Pat's Casserole (my first time making this Hambly classic was a success) and his signature birthday dessert: ice cream pie. We have this dessert every year on Ryan's birthday--that's seven years straight since we've been married--and it never disappoints.

In case you can't tell, Asher enjoyed Daddy's choice of dessert:

As did Reed, but with much less mess:

Happy birthday, Ryan! We love you so much and are so grateful for all you do for us.