Friday, October 19, 2012

The Monthly Asher: Two Years!

 Ashie Bee is TWO!

Whenever Asher gets hurt, he tells us he has a "belly-bake" (bellyache). When we ask where, he identifies the location of his bellyache--his leg, head, or wherever he might have gotten hurt. He often asks for lotion to make it all better (he has quickly learned that we put lotion on the scratches he gets from eczema, so now believes lotion is a cure-all.)

I think Asher's four back molars (2-year molars?) are finally all the way in. He's cut them very slowly over the past six months or so, going through bouts of extreme grumpiness to get them here.

 He loved the carousel but hated when I let go of him so I could take a picture (it wasn't even moving yet). This is his nervous face--trying to be happy.

To get to most places in town, we have to drive up and over a large-ish hill. From the top, you can see the temple. Every time we are on the hill, Asher yells, "I see TEMPLE!"--even if we're on the back side, where you definitely can't see the temple. He is always super pumped to see it, though. He also calls Cinderella's castle the temple as well as any large, white building he sees.

One of my favorite things Asher says is, "How bout." He uses it whenever he wants to suggest something, like a book to read or a game to play. The other day he was looking at his bookshelf and he said, " bout, let's see, how bout...THAT ONE!" Love.

 It's better to do things together.

We started potty training this week! Asher is making pretty good progress. We have had a lot of #1 successes and even a few #2 successes, but going #2 on the potty makes him really nervous. Whenever he goes in the potty, he tells us, "My did a really good job!" And, if he stays bare-bummed, he doesn't have an accident. If we put underwear on, he usually has an accident. We're still working on that--he's got to learn to wear something on his bum at some point, right?

Asher is a great kisser and hugger. He will actually use his lips to kiss your lips and when he hugs, he squeezes as tightly as he can (along with a fantastic squeezing sound effect). If you're lucky, he'll even hold on to you and cuddle for a few minutes. Randomly throughout the day he'll decided he wants a hug or kiss and come running my way.

Sleepy baby.

Asher's current favorite activities are playing with the ball track we recently acquired and playing wooden puzzles. He is obsessed with the ball track. It's a tall wooden structure with wooden boards that have grooves in them running between the two sides, if that makes sense. Marbles fit in it perfectly. Asher spends solid half hours or more playing ball track--with Reed or by himself.

Asher's vocabulary expands daily. He is getting quite proficient at communicating exactly what he wants and can form good sentences. I love his little voice--it makes everything he says super cute.

 Mommy-Ashie date at McDonald's

Asher is starting to understand the idea that different colors have different names, but he hasn't really picked up which names goes to which color yet. When we're coloring, he usually requests a color by name, like, "My want geen (green)!" or "Need lullow (yellow)" but I'm never quite sure which color he's actually referring to. 

The boys finally got hair cuts--I think Asher's makes him look a lot older.

Asher loves Reed, so much. He wants to do everything Reed does--from playing the same toys to having the same requests (e.g. Reed asks for more cereal, then Asher immediately asks for more cereal, even if he has a full bowl). When we go in to get him post-nap or post-bed, his first question is "Ere's Bubba?" (Where's brother?). Asher still refers to Reed almost exclusively as "Bubba," which I find to be ridiculously cute, of course.

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