Monday, October 29, 2012

Asher had a birthday, shout hooray!

Our cute Ashie Bee had a birthday! Honestly, he doesn't really enjoy playing with other kids so we decided to have a family party--I'm pretty sure he approved. We started with a dinner of his favorite things: mac and cheese, jello jigglers, and milk. I'm pretty sure he only ate jello until we finally cut him off and he took approximately 1.5 bites before declaring, "My done!" After the rest of the dinner group had finished, we moved on to presents.

Asher loved tearing the paper off his presents--but once he got one main chunk of paper off and could tell what was inside (mostly) he'd move on to the next present. Reed finished unwrapping most of Asher's gifts.

Asher loved all his presents but was most excited, I think, by Mater--if you can't tell by his face in the photo above. He LOVES Mater and anything cars-related, so he was beyond pumped when he opened the box.

After presents--and a few laps with Mater...

 --we had cake!

Asher successfully blew out both candles, then ate all the frosting off his cupcake. When we wouldn't give him additional frosting, he decided to try the cake and conceded that it was actually yummy.

Happy birthday, Ashie Bee! We love you tons.

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