Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Please excuse the potty talk.

Approximately two months ago, Asher started showing a lot of interest in the potty--so we went for it and started potty training. Big mistake and utter failure.

Fast forward to three weeks ago. Our Costco box of diapers was almost gone, Asher would actually request to sit on the potty (though he had as yet to actually go in the potty), and I thought it would be extremely nice to have Asher out of diapers before Lila was in diapers. We were going to Provo that weekend, though, so I decided that Monday (10/15/12) would be THE day. Potty day.

Monday came. I was super nervous. And guess what? We had exactly zero successes. Zero. In the morning I really needed to do work in the garden (long story short, pregnancy sickness+110 weather=unhealthy garden, excepting the tomato plant that was approximately 8 feet tall when stretch ed to its full height)--so I put Asher in a pair of underwear and took the boys outside. I didn't want his bum to bare because I knew he'd be sitting in dirt. Despite taking him potty every twenty minutes, he had three accidents in the hour and a half we were outside. Two involved poop. I was discouraged.

By lunch time (two hours later), he still hadn't had any success. No accidents, either, at least. I put him in a diaper for his nap and he woke up wet. He didn't pee again until bedtime, when he was in a diaper again. Seriously. This kid has impressive "holding" abilities. Even when I had him try to "push" on the potty, he could somehow still hold it in! I was a little bit impressed but mostly annoyed.

After a somewhat tearful talk with Ryan Monday night, I revised my tactics. On Tuesday, I took Asher to the bathroom every forty minutes. I didn't put him in underwear, but left him bare. And instead of using a timer, I watched the clock and just told him when it was time--I'd used the timer the day before and it really seemed to upset him. We had a very long, very dry morning. Zero accidents, zero successes. He wet his diaper at naptime. Then, finally, at 4:30 p.m., we had our first potty training success, ever. That's right folks: we had pee in the potty. Breakthrough moment. After potty training two kids, my super experienced opinion is that the first success is the hardest (at least for my kids). Once they realize it's not that big of a deal to use the potty, they'll use it.

Wednesday we only had one accident and several successes. Friday was our first accident-free day, and Asher's very first poop in the potty. This week he's been fantastic, with very very few accidents. He's already come to the point where he tells us basically every time he needs to go potty, even if we're out and about. He's not yet had an accident in a public place, hallelujah. And he no longer complains about sitting on the potty. And guess what? He's even wearing underwear for naps and bedtime and waking up dry. I'm calling it: Asher Hambly is potty trained. Boo-yah.


Kendra Goodrich said...

All right! Potty trained kids are awesome, so much freedom! I totally did the bare bottom approach, we actually did a full on naked day and it worked like a charm. Hope he continues on with all that. Going potty on a toilet is a big deal, way to go mama!

lynniegandola2 said...

hooray for Asher and for you! Holy cow, that's so awesome