Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Monthly Reed: 47

Reed is getting pretty excited to be a big brother again. The other day he told me that my belly was getting really big. When I asked if he knew why, he said, "Because Lila's in there and she's getting bigger!" I let him feel her kick the other day, which he thought was pretty cool. The day after, he came up to me and pressed his hand onto my belly, wanting to feel Lila again, which I found to be quite cute!

Reed is obsessed with "chillers" and being cozy. The minute we walk in our door from running errands, he runs to his room and changes into comfy clothes. And every time we leave he fights to keep his chillers on (we have a strict "no chillers" policy when leaving the house). He has also started wearing chillers to bed instead of jammies.

Climbing with Daddy

Reed is getting a lot braver at the park. He will now climb ladders by himself, even if I'm not nearby (he's been climbing them for a long time, but only if I spot him from below). Ryan recently convinced Reed to try the fireman pole at a nearby park and Reed loved it--which Reed promptly forgot once he was standing at the top of the pole again, too nervous to try.

Overly prepared for school (I requested 2 markers and he returned with several).

Reed's current favorite color is "sprite blue," which I'm pretty sure translates to "bright blue." When we do school, sprite blue is the only marker he wants to use. If we color a picture, sprite blue is always his first choice of color. He definitely knows what he likes.

His name is more legible every day.

Reed has never been a big fan of coloring--until lately. He doesn't like to color in coloring books though--he likes to make his own pictures. He often spends his entire quiet time making pictures, then asking me to fold them up into books for him. He also occasionally asks for a ziploc bag, then proceeds to put one picture inside and save it there.

Reed's "castle." Not the best angle, but there is a mound in the middle with a stick flag surrounded by three fish-shaped doors.

The park closest to us has a big sand pit. Whenever we go to that park, we end up spending about 15 minutes on the playground, then 45+ digging in the sand. Luckily, I enjoy digging. Reed loves to use our buckets to make sand castles and to bury things, then put an x on top and go on an expedition to find them.

A cozy spot.

Reed loves to take all the cushions from both couches and make forts, hiding spots, or perches to watch a show on. He loves tunneling through all the pillows and hiding, then asking me to find him.

Reed's imagination continues to impress me. Every day he comes up with some kind of make-believe game or scenario (that often involves chopping monsters) and is constantly telling me stories from his stuffed Curious George's life.

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Mandi said...

I LOVE REED!!! His name writing skills are pretty impressive. That boy is so smart. :) And I am with Reed...I prefer chillers! I try to make myself change when leaving the house, but (depending where I'm headed) it doesn't always happen! Love that kid...